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Deepen your practice, insight, yogic realisation, love and empowerment by exploring practices of contemporary yoga-tantra.

Your sense of humour, clarity of instruction and the freedom and time you provided for me to feel and act enabled me to use the time in your presence, to work myself through my inner dramas, progress to a happier state and learn some new yoga too...
Katrin Teske-Temperton Coach, Lüneburg, Germany

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Quite simply put, Christopher is the best Yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.
Kwanele Tuakli
Like no other yoga teacher… a wealth of knowledge that inspires and moves change through your practice, teaching, and off the mat out into the world.
Laura Witherstone
Chris is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and authentic yoga teachers around. He transmits a wealth of information through his insightful teaching which is powerful, yet down-to-earth and practical and helps to de-bunk many of the myths and superstitions that surround Yoga. Chris would be my go-to for help and support as a Senior teacher.


Yoga is conscious co-evolution

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