Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Find New Ways to Transform Your Life

Do you want to finally take control of the one thing that defines your life?

Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Find New Ways to Transform Your Life

Whatever your background, whatever struggles and challenges you have faced, this course will help you create a powerful life of purpose.

So many of us struggle because our minds


With stress, life pressures, relentless demands on time and money and anxiety about what the future holds and the discomfort, diseases and difficult relationships all this creates 

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No matter your level of practice in Mind Mastery, whether you're more experienced or if you've never tried it, this course has something for you!

You'll learn practical, embodied strategies to begin to master and free your mind, engage your heart and live really well, in just 12 weeks.

Learn to free your mind from:

  1. Overwhelmed by Uncontrolled Thoughts: Struggling with a constantly busy mind, unable to find peace or clarity.
  2. Lack of Understanding of the Mind: Confusion about how the mind works and its impact on life.
  3. Ineffective Coping with Stress: Difficulty in managing stress and achieving genuine relaxation.
  4. Struggle with Inner Critical Voices: Battling against internal criticism and negative self-talk.
  5. Poor Emotional Intelligence: Challenges in understanding and managing emotions effectively.
  6. Inability to Meditate in Diverse Environments: Restricted to specific places or conditions for meditation, unable to find calm in chaotic settings.
  7. Fragmented Sense of Self: Feeling unbalanced and disconnected with different aspects of oneself.
  8. Limited Control Over Beliefs and Decisions: Struggling to use beliefs positively and make informed life choices.
  9. Feeling Victimized by Circumstances: A sense of helplessness and lack of control over one's destiny.
  10. Lack of Practical Mind Mastery Skills: Absence of effective techniques to master the mind and improve life quality.

But, you want to create a life where you really can live the life you want, a life that helps you and all beings everywhere?

Naturally, you do!
So whats the answer?

Introducing The Mind Mastery Course!

With this course, you'll gain the tools to shift your mindset and cultivate resilience as your natural default mode. It's time to make this vision a reality!

Begin mastering your mind with 12 hours of teaching


Mindfulness, meditation and yoga have all been scientifically evidenced to help destress our minds, train our brains and free our lives. Mind Mastery goes one step further.

Mind Mastery helps you change your mind and also takes meditation to the next level as accelerated contemplative development. 

I have taught thousands of people the skills of accelerated contemplative development, taking them effortlessly into the power of presence. You can have this too.

What you will learn

  • Lesson 1 - Understanding the mind

  • Lesson 2 - Biological drives & the negativity bias

  • Lesson 3 - Working with thought

  • Lesson 4 - The six brains & habit creation

  • Lesson 5 - Brainwaves

  • Lesson 6 - Who are ‚Äėyou‚Äô anyway? & dealing with that inner critic

  • Lesson 7 - Sub-personalities & the drama of Being

  • Lesson 8 - Feelings and emotions

  • Lesson 9 - More on the six brains

  • Lesson 10 - Beliefs & compassion

  • Lesson 11 - Your neural core & the awareness centres

  • Lesson 12 - Peace the embrace of space-time

This course is all about you.

You taking control of your life and becoming the author of your experience. You will learn:


  • Mastery Over Thoughts: Gaining control over an overly active mind, achieving mental clarity and peace.
  • Deep Understanding of the Mind: Comprehensive knowledge of how the mind and brain function and affect life.
  • Effective Stress Management: Ability to achieve deep states of relaxation at will, regardless of the environment.
  • Overcoming Inner Criticism: Resolving inner negative voices and fostering self-acceptance and confidence.
  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence:¬†Improved ability to understand and manage emotions.
  • Versatile Meditation Skills:¬†Ability to meditate in any setting, enhancing mental resilience and flexibility.
  • Holistic Self-Integration:¬†Strategies to navigate different aspects of oneself, achieving balance and wholeness.
  • Empowered Decision-Making:¬†Utilizing beliefs skillfully to make clearer and more informed life choices.
  • Shift in Identity:¬†Transforming from feeling like a victim to mastering one's destiny and making informed choices.
  • Lifetime Mind Mastery Skills:¬†Access to lifelong resources and practices for continuous personal growth and mind training.

So, What would it be worth to you if...

  • You didn‚Äôt have to spend your precious time searching for the methods and information on how to make your mind work better for you.

  • You had lifetime access to a rich wealth of knowledge broken down into step-by-step video lessons that covered the theory and practice of over 20 micro-practices you can implement in your life to facilitate freedom.

  • You got the support and guidance you need from an expert in teaching mind mastery and a like-minded community to make mastering your mind a new loved daily habit.

  • You started to feel you had greater stress and anxiety control, joy, focus, will-power, emotional clarity, peace of mind and more...

  • This is the opportunity that is in front of you today!


Learning with

Christopher Gladwell

A world-class teacher with 40 years experience

I’ve been active in deep study, practice and living yoga in its various forms of physical practice (asana), bodywork, breathwork and pranayama, meditation and mindfulness, vibration and mantra, devotion and bhakti for over 45 years.

I’m also a biologist and studied much in the world of western psychology. This course is rich in the relationship between us as biology, our psychology and then how the practices derived from yoga and meditation help us. 

I am very keen on taking practices and liberating them from the accretions of religion so that you get a secular base to your practice rooted in biology, psychology and neuroscience. 

Deeply dedicated to the optimal human experience, I offer you my expertise and experience in my mission to inspire and guide you - to powerfully transform and find freedom in your life. 

So what will these changes feel like, and how will they work, I hear you ask...


  • The ancient evolutionary architecture of the brain runs how you see the world around you. On this course you will work practically with this ancient neurology to start to take control of your mind, your life and find freedom.

  • You will learn micro-practices, brief methods that act to bring you back into presence, mindfulness and pull you out of nocebo, the suffering the mind can create.

  • You will look at the negativity bias, rooted in your evolution and get practical strategies to turn this around and find clarity and joy in each moment and in your whole life.

  • You will find peace of mind, greater creativity, mental space and the beginnings of freedom from mind chatter.

  • Love and compassion will start to move more effortlessly through your life, making your life so much richer.

  • As you learn to focus, success in your life projects will naturally happen, There is no abiding success without mental discipline and mind mastery.

  • You'll find greater clarity in your emotional world as you feel into and understand how emotions work, from the basis of your evolutionary biology.

  • Courage and fearlessness in life arises so much more fully as you find your own power to make a difference.

  • Joy becomes the default setting of your brain. You begin to wake up with passion, purpose and joy every day. Will-power increases exponentially.

  • Ease and Flow is the naturally arising capacity as you progress through these practices and begin to embody them in your life. Beauty and wonder in each moment of life becomes your norm and more...


Get the course today and it’s yours for life

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We believe whole-heartedly in abundance, generosity and in the power of our practices!

If you purchase the Mind Mastery course, have completed atleast 3 of the lessons and have done your best to implement the practices into your daily life as recommended, and you aren’t completely satisfied, will we give you your money back, within 30 days.

*Results cannot be guaranteed, moreover, results from individual testimonials are for reference only and your own personal experience may differ to those shown on this site.
Embody Breathwork¬ģ is an approach to breathwork and breath therapy that includes a range of techniques that can be used to resolve significant past events, current states and conditions that are believed to be interfering with a person's present mental and emotional wellness and capacity to live to their full potential.
Our systematic process means that people with less regulated mental health can benefit.
However, being confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact your current emotional or mental health strengthens participation. If you are in any way concerned about your mental or emotional health please consult a physician before taking part in the Embody Method. It is your responsibility to ensure a good fit between your state and our breath method.
If you have any concerns, past complex mental health conditions or current mental or emotional difficulties, it is paramount you disclose to our team and also consult your physician prior to participation.
Embody Breathwork¬ģ is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical¬†condition.