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The courses I offer are ways for you to maximise your potential and your energy levels, grow a resilient and powerful body, cultivate embodied awareness and clarity of mind whilst generating greater experiences of love, purpose, devotion, service and authentic freedom.

The methods I share are an evolutionary synergy of traditional yoga-tantra and contemporary understandings of what it is to be an awakened human being.


Mind Mastery Course Level 1

Begin to master your mind in 12 weeks

Making Mind Mastery Easier Than Ever! Whether you've never tried mind mastery or your more experienced this course has something for you. You'll learn practical, embodied strategies to begin to master and free your mind, engage your heart and live really well, in just 12 weeks. Rooted in the yoga, mindfulness and meditation traditions and explained through bio-psychology, these simple methods help you work with obstacles, engage your heart and create the life you want [...]

Yogasara Advanced Teacher Training

IYN 300+ Hour

The Engaged Yoga Advanced Teacher Training offers you the depth and support you need for your own transformation on a personal level and for the transition from student to teacher. This training is an Initiatory journey and you will be well supported and challenged to enable you to qualify as a teacher with confidence, genuine knowledge and expertise generated through your own direct experiences. This […]

Yogasara Foundation Course

200hr IYN certification

Our Foundation course is all about you! It may be the first step to becoming a qualified Yoga teacher and we know what a privilege and necessary role that is, in the modern world. The planet needs people who have accessed their radiance and want to share it. Our foundation course is about supporting you to develop your practice, deepen your knowledge and experience genuine […]

Yogasara Applied Anatomy & Physiology & Hands on Facilitation Intensive

60 hour IYN (Independent Yoga Network) accredited CPD (continued professional development) course

We will begin to work through what I call facilitation and some call adjustments/enhancements for the postures from the Yogasara Foundation sequence in detail. This course is very experiential – we will practice adjustments with an understanding of applied anatomy. We will start with the breath and clarify ways you can facilitate deeper breathing for students. We will teach you hands on adjustments for different […]

Tantric Meditation – waking up to what is real

Using the senses and sense fields we will explore a range of meditative practices from more traditional and contemporary schools of Tantra. All of these practices are ways of entering into full embodied presence. In Tantra every aspect of our existence is understood as pure and divine. When we have been culturally conditioned to view ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe, our […]

About Our Courses…

I want you to live an empowered life of health, wealth, joy, depth, passion, creativity, love and integrity. I want us all to live from this place.

My courses are meant to help everyone wake up from their limited beliefs and self-oriented stories and open to their true potential – to live an awakened life.

Through conscious embodiment, we begin the journey fully loving our own existence and appreciating all existence. Reclaim your power to live in harmony with yourself, each other and the planet.

Our courses are intensive  and I ensure you will receive the support, experience, expertise and appropriate challenge that you need to make my courses really work for you.

Engaged Yoga-Tantra arises from authentic knowledge of many strands of yoga including Hatha, Karma, Raja, Jnana, Bhakti & Tantra Yogas.

I am passionate about and respect the uniqueness of each individual and offer respect, support and challenge to help you to realise your fullest potential.

The focus on our courses is always quality contact time for cultivating personal practice and empowerment held within the framework of the exploration of applied Engaged Yoga philosophy.

Explore existence within a loving committed community of like minded and open hearted souls.

Our Training Venues

The UK part of our courses runs at Yogasara Studio in Bristol or venues in London. Retreats will be in Europe.

Here's what other people have said

I have felt held, safe and guided in the presence of these two wonderful teachers. The gems that I have gleaned from the foundation course go far deeper than intellect and I feel them on all levels of my being. I highly recommend committing to this journey.
Its real yoga, living yoga, yoga that actually means something. Radical, challenging, deeply connecting, Chris will totally deconstruct your practice and what can emerge then is a yoga practice that is individual, intuitive, and empowering.
Chris is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and authentic yoga teachers around. He transmits a wealth of information through his insightful teaching which is powerful, yet down-to-earth and practical and helps to de-bunk many of the myths and superstitions that surround Yoga. Chris would be my go-to for help and support as a Senior teacher.
Foundation Course - life changer! This quote sums it up. 'It was but yesterday i thought myself a fragment. Quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life. Now i know that i am the sphere and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me' (K Gibran)
Libby Charlton

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