Resilience training – for Business (the BioHack)

Who I work with?

I happily work with ethical organisations and corporates.


I meet many people who are disassociated, disembodied and stressed beyond belief. People so out of touch with their own bodies, emotions and the natural world around them. This is not a healthy, wholesome, compassionate or effective place to be. People in the world of commerce, business, law, hospitality and the public services cannot afford to be so out of touch.

I will teach you why and how to hack your biology, with proven techniques to get on top of your mind, be at peace with your emotions and be at home in your body. All the practices taught will be empirically supported.

How can you, or anyone, be expected to be creative, effective, engaged and in good states of wellbeing when such levels of disembodiment, disassociation and stress are the norm?

What’s the problem?

Stress out of balance with your whole system (distress) is one of the biggest culprits in a vast range of debilitating diseases, it’s also responsible for untold misery, human suffering, inefficiency, lack of creativity, inattention and corresponding mistakes and accidents, as well as lost productivity.

I will show you how to work with habit creation to get the right habits in place so that you can sustain high levels of efficiency and stop the stress cycle in its tracks. You don’t need to do it, and don’t believe me, find out for your self!

We can transform – employee engagement, discretionary effort applied, error rate, staff retention, energy levels, sick days, absenteeism – all for the better.

What you can have instead?

Conversely, stress in balance with our whole system (eustress) leads to us honing our edges, becoming more efficient, helping us focus on priorities and, when we manage it successfully, generate neurological responses that facilitate greater resource and deeper relaxation. This is what BioHack is about

I want you and your business to be joyous, creative, effective, living in eustress (good stress) and above all in high states of wellbeing.

We can build resilience, manage stress more easily, find inner calm, stop busy mind, create higher energy levels, build physical and emotional wellbeing and fabulous relationships.

Grow some Resilience

I would love to teach you to BioHack. I will help you understand and using your biology, your body, your mind and your emotions, linked with the ancient arts of meditation, mindfulness and somatic (body-based) practice to make this real for you.

Begin my Resilience process and learn

Body-mind links and why to do what to do when we grow BioResilience.

How emotions can be understood and worked with. How to find resilient joy as your daily base of operation.

The key principles and practices of meditation, mindfulness and somatic practice as strategies of generating wellbeing, clarity and a joyous life.

Central nervous system (CNS) management. The skills of CNS management and mind hygiene. Become able to face stresses and handle them with ease. CNS management puts you back in charge as you  your way to wellbeing, stress release, relaxation, creativity, positive relationships and potent team work.

Energy management. I will teach you to how to find relentless energy. You will learn the relationship between ‘mind’ (movement of attentional and mental energy and feelings), energy levels and wellbeing. Practice energy management practices of body, breath and belief systems. Develop your capacity to move effortlessly between activity and deep relaxation. These are the keys to powerful energy levels.

Mindfulness is empirically supported as a key tool of the modern age to manage debilitating and destructive stress and turn one’s life around. Traditionally mindfulness is held within a pragmatic framework that allows even greater depth. We will explore core practices of mindfulness, why they work, how to practice them and approach the depth of human experience beyond mindfulness.

Mind and the nature of mind. Understanding and being able to manage the flows of mental content (thought/internal dialogue) is a simple but profound practice. We will learn the first level of this practice and begin to explore the nature of mind.

Systemics. Breathe in and breathe out and as those gases reach deep into the cellular processes of your body know that you are not separate from the air that you breathe. Eat, chew and later excrete. As you assimilate those nutrients (from your nutrition dense diet!) know you are not separate from the plants, animals, earth, water and even sunlight. Understanding systemics and our place in things, we will look into conscious co-evolution and why it matters. Conscious co-evolution is a leading edge understanding of our collective human journey, role and responsibility on this planet.

Deep Relaxation. Relaxation is an art not a given. Many people struggle to deeply relax. Learn the principles and practices of deep relaxation. The incapacity to relax leads to a hell realm of stress. The capacity to relax allows a peaceful, joyous, creative and effective life.


Minimum number of 12 people, no maximum. I will bring assistants if the group is beyond 24 participants.

Minimum time period – one three hour session. Preferably two sessions. I will offer evaluation and follow up.

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