Wild Yoga Romp with Chris G

Christopher Gladwell

Yogasara, Bristol, BS6 5QA

£20 (dynamic pricing possible)

20th September | 6pm - 9.30pm

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Let us come together and find what touches us, what moves us, what makes our hearts sing.

A Wild Yoga Romp… with Chris Gladwell

Come and play!

We will explore enough funky asanas, go super deep with breath, find bliss with mantra and drop sweetly into sublime relaxation.  

Let us come together in a playful and exploratory space of yogic community and find what touches us, what moves us and what makes our hearts sing. 

Yoga begins when selfing and othering end. Beginners Mind, Beginners Heart. 

Call or SMS me on 07786 928 458 to book.

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