Somatics, Senses, Sensuality and Sentience – the play of consciousness

Christopher Gladwell

Yogasara, Bristol BS6 5QA

£80 (or dynamic pricing according to what you can afford, see below)

24th November | 10am - 5pm

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Somatic yoga, sensory exploration, breathwork, meditation and conscious touch

Finding awareness as the structure of our body and movement. Where is the balance you individually need between power, strength and soft but deep listening to enable the continuous presence of awareness through movement?

Finding awareness as the essence of our senses and sense fields. What is the nature of the senses? What are the sense fields? Let’s play with the movement of attention and energy into and out of the senses and look for who are we as the subject, and what is an object?

Finding awareness in softness and surrender to what is. We will drop into the sensual play of energy that is our life. How open are you, are we, to feel, fully feel the beauty of each moment of this precious life.

Finding awareness in relational qualities of our life through touch and being touched. Practices of conscious touch to enable deep listening. Come prepared to engage in consensual and appropriate touch. Bring a friend to explore with if you so choose.

Finding who we are when we look directly into who is seeing, who is feeling, who is touching, who is being touched, who is breathing. Who is practising?

Please bring sensual and exquisite plant based food to share. Bring a wrap, sarong or loose fitting garment you are comfortable wearing. Bring a towel. Bring a water bottle. Bring an open heart and an open mind.

Dynamic pricing – for those who cannot yet afford the full price you are more than welcome to call me on 07786 928 458 and we can work out a contribution that works for both of us.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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