Rhythm of the Breath

Viola Edward de Glanville & Michael de Glanville

Yogasara, Bristol, BS6 5QA

£40 per session or £72 for both sessions.

8th Sep - 9th Sep | 9.30am - 1.30pm on Sat and 9.00am to 1pm Sun

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Rhythm of the Breath

Secrets of the Breath

Breath work is the art and science of breath awareness. You will learn breathing techniques for enhancing the human, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition.

Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) is a therapeutic approach specifically focusing on the breath as a profound healing tool. CCB also called Rebirthing is one of many techniques based on working with the breath, being a part of the world of Breath work.

It is a safe, effective and natural tool for healing, personal growth and transformation.

Why is it called Rebirthing? The process gives us the opportunity to be in connection with a situation and to be able to transform it and integrate it in a safe environment.

It is a holistic process involving breathing, thought and action that embraces the individual in their various levels, creating rapid personal development. It connects us with our essence, the source of our inner vigour and supplies the energy and power that we need to transform and expand ourselves.

What to expect

One of the most powerful tools to help release emotions and help us connect with ourselves.

Healing – The Breath provides the means for us to release unwanted stored up emotions, providing healing at the physical, mental and emotional level

Personal Growth – The Breath provides the means for us to get in touch with our feelings and needs, once we know what our inner needs are, we can be in a position for personal development

Transformation – from an early age we are taught how we should behave, what we should and shouldn’t be feeling. This results in us automatically suppressing, denying, or exaggerating our emotions and disregarding our needs in adult life (we shouldn’t be feeling like this, it’s not right!).

Breath work begins to unravel this process, letting us see and feel our emotions/needs as they arise. We become more conscious and begin to stop the automatic suppressive response. This allows us to deal with life in the present moment. We learn how to deal with life issues breaking through them instead of them breaking us down. This is what creates real transformation, some may say spiritual awakening.

The Process – How it works

The Process of an initial Conscious Connected Breathing cycle consists of a session with a professional Breath worker who facilitates the creation of an emotionally safe environment. During this initial “breathwork” session, an in-depth transformational process begins, enabling you to become more aware of particular situations and integrate them into your life as a learning experience.

For those who would like to continue to Professional training (200 Hours) to become a professional Breath worker, the hours involved in this session will be taken into account.


Christopher Gladwell is inviting Viola Edward de Glanville & Michael de Glanville two International Trainers of Breathwork, to share with you here in Bristol.

Sessions will be for 3 hours. Arrive at 9am for a 9.30 start. We will finish at 12.30 for you to leave by 1pm.

For further information – contact me through the contact form or call me on 07786 928 458

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