Protecting Planet Earth, humanity, diversity and ecology through conscious co-evolution. This is a manifesto for pro-social change, a wake up call to where the inner work and the outer work meet.

A guide to conscious culture creation and crafting a future worth living. How do we move forward in ecologically astute ways? How do we step beyond the current culture of ecocide and change our relationship with each other, the earth and its myriad species in positive ways?

Shining a light in the darkness of ecological ignorance and unsustainable growth, this book asks how will we make this beautiful planet habitable for our children and our children’s children?

Promoting the principle of planetary stewardship, to care for our life support system and home, earth it extends the principles of evolution into conscious co-evolution and shows how and why this matters.

This is an invitation to all who care, all who choose to make a difference and to all who are ready to make the changes we need to make.