Northwest Pilates Centre, Manchester, UK


Sunday, 8th of October, 10am - 6pm


A day focused on Sustainable Transformation


Come and find presence, power, and wellness through the art and science of conscious breathwork as you journey through this day of deep-diving into the breath. 

We will explore and use a range of breathwork practices to enable sustainable transformation including:- 

  • Functional Breathing
  • Understanding the neurobiology of Trauma and the relationship between trauma and breath 
  • Understanding the neurobiology of stress and the relationship between stress and breath
  • Exploring your neurotransmitters oxytocin, serotonin, DHEA, epinephrine, acetylcholine, and dopamine in relationship to breath
  • Understanding and practicing the neurobiology of optimal Flow states
  • Breath-specific practice for biological females (people with wombs, ovaries, and menstrual hormones)
  • Physiology and psychology of breathwork
  • Neural Activation Breathing
  • Conscious Connected Breathing
  • Conscious Connected Breathing Plus
  • Down-regulation practices, finding peace
  • Intelligent Breath Holding
  • Breath Movement practices to help you deepen in breathwork and in life
  • Understanding your mind and beginning Mind Mastery
  • Understanding the role of discipline, habit creation and integration 
  • Taking practices home that work for you to take this transformation into the whole year

We will guide you into the freedom of who you most deeply are as an expression of life, space-time, and consciousness. 

We will be doing this whilst honoring the reality of being organic, human, emotional, vulnerable, and mortal and finding grace and ease in both impermanence and interdependence. 

Whether you have been struggling with anxiety, feeling stuck feeling low, or stressed out?
Whether you’re not sure why you are alive here and now or what your path is?
This conscious breath day will help you find the balance, clarity, and sense of purpose you need. 

Conscious breathwork can also help you heal and integrate any old wounds, trauma, and suffering as we welcome the breath to guide us back on track, in purpose, and in Flow. 

And, if you are in a really good place and want more joy, more ease, more grace, more space, and more delight, this day will bring you this. Breathwork is powerful and it’s fun! 

Breath is the link, the magic key between the mind, the emotions, the body, and the world of work, family, and relationships, as well as to the rest of nature, so you can fully remember what your life trajectory is and find even more of what is possible for you, your life and your community as you are enabled to get exactly what you need from this day of conscious breath, grounded expansion, science, resolution, and delight. 

You will be guided safely through our practices in order to support you in finding greater well-being, purpose, power, creativity, and emergence. 

En route to this you will be learning to navigate your neurology and find ease in all the possible states of mind that can lead to a greater revelation of the sense and experience of ‘Soul’. 

Christopher is a Biologist and has forty-eight years of daily conscious breath practice under his belt, as well as being initiated into deep Yogic, Shamanic, and Tantric Buddhist practices. 

The practices will be explained through the lenses of science and tradition, and you will walk away with practices you can weave into your life to give you what you need to sustain transformation and keep growing, keep learning, and keep loving in a life that is on track and in Flow. 


Investment: £55


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