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The Body bit..

  1. Why do we do body based (somatic) practice?

Well, there are lots of reasons. Lots of those reasons from a Yogic perspective are side effects of good practice. Side effects are cool, they are good, they’re just not the main reason to practice.

Side effects include…

Strength – and power, Mobility, Functional flexibility, Wellbeing, Balance, Healing and more on all of these later, however

The real deal is…

Somatic practice is about finding awareness through the medium of and as the body. Finding awareness is not looking for it, it’s finding it!

When we find awareness in and as every synapse and sinew of this body we consider to be ‘ours’ then we know that the body and mind are one flow. We don’t think it; we don’t believe it, we know it. This is big; it’s massive and utterly life-changing.

The Heart bit…

Why do we do compassion based practice?

Because it grows our heart and ultimately opens us up to the seamless web of totality.

The interesting thing about compassion is it’s natural.

When we relax into space-time (not always as easy as it sounds) we can see that people who are defended, attacking, confused or acting in complex and difficult ways, are actually creating complex cascades of neuro-chemicals, internal twists of suffering and disease, and living in the illusion of being a separate lump of matter in space-time.

There are no separate lumps, we’re all in it together. When we see life as it is, then we know there is no ‘other’. No ‘other’ and no ‘self’… and what arises is kindness, and understanding of ‘our own’ and ‘others’ confusion (see how conventional language foments dualistic confusion).

I’m going to put up a really cool compassion based practice on my website very soon. Keep an ear out for it.

The Energy bit…

Many people struggle with energy.

People get stressed, exhausted, depleted, tired, run down and shut down. The pressures of the modern age and it’s relentless demands of information flow can be exhausting. There are bills to pay while the billionaires get wealthier and those that have less are getting even less. I can’t sleep at night, and then there’s the kids schooling to worry about. On and on it goes… We have to get ours and run like a rat, don’t we?

What to do?

As a therapist, I want to enable my clients to turn around as rapidly as possible, and find wellbeing and ease effortlessly.

Somatic practice which invokes breath and relaxation into presence, compassion practice to open the heart, mindfulness and meditation to build the witnessing muscle, these things really help.

Also working deeply with the inherent energy pumps in the body, which is also a flowing and scintillating field of bio-electricity, you’ll find energy.

Relaxing into space-time (not about lying around on bolsters) is really an outcome of no longer experiencing separation. You’ll find so much energy that your only problem will be what to do with it!

The Mind bit…

Body mind runs on biological algorithms. You can’t not breath; the body is going to do it regardless of what you think you want. When fish came out of water onto the land some 400 million years ago the bits of the brain that coordinate breathing had to co-evolve along with lungs and limbs. The deep structures that control all of this are ancient.

The one freedom we have in the web of biological algorithms is where to place our attention.

If the mind is not trained, this is also largely conditioned by culture.

Cultivating the capacity to attend and remain in attention, at will and with anything, is key to the yogic process. Many people struggle with attention deficit. A good yogic process takes us into embodiment and then cultivates attention through mindfulness and meditation and gives us our first true freedom, attention.

I’ve got an online course coming up on this topic, which will be superb quality and amazing and unique content.

The Ecology bit…

I’ve got a new book coming out at the end of July titled Protecting Planet Earth, humanity, diversity and ecology. 

This addresses how we shift from a culture of separation, consumption, ecological abuse and greed to one of simplicity, contentment, ecological sanity and stewardship of our one and only home, this planet – Earth. It’s now crucial we embody these changes and act on them.

Breathe in and out with awareness, pay attention to how everything that exists as us is relational process, and switch on to the fact that there’s one vast flow and we are it. Get this and we can no longer act from the delusions of the culture of separation, but choose to live from a culture of connection. This is what First Nation peoples have consistently taught.

We need this vision of a culture of connection. We need a willingness to learn how to live with ecological or as I call it, ‘systemic’ intelligence.

Are we willing?

Are we ready?

Or, do we wait for total climate chaos and ecological destruction before we do it?

Fossil fuel industries and their political puppets are sowing confusion and doubt, while more than 90% of peer-reviewed, methodologically sound scientific inquiry points conclusively to the reality, it’s our actions that are damaging our climate.

Who can do anything about this?

Why, us. 

My books on contemporary yoga-tantra psychology, desire, engagement and more are all here for you..

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