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Last week I started how will meditation and mindfulness based practice help you?

I mentioned Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans which shows that one common habit in the highly successful people he interviewed, is some kind of meditation and mindfulness practice. So, last week we began the process how will meditation and mindfulness based practice help you?


Telomeres are the protein caps on the end of your chromosomes. They determine whether your cells live or die. Enough cells die and an organ is in trouble. If an organ is in trouble and dies, you die. Simple. Telomerase, lubricates and lengthens the telomeres and keeps your cells alive and happy longer. Meditation, mindfulness and good (breath filled-awareness rich) physical yogic practice helps generate telomerase.


Meditation, mindfulness and good (breath-filled, awareness-rich) physical yogic practice gives you access, ultimately at will, to different brain wave states.

You can access the alpha state for relaxation and creative processing.

You can access the theta state for deep creativity, accelerated learning, emotional processing and memory consolidation.

You can access the delta state for healing, physical repair, rejuvenation and systemic integration.

You can access the gamma state for greater joy, effortless resilience and stress free living.

My book Lucidity, available here covers more of this terrain.


Your behaviour affects your epigenetics. These are the methylated chemical tags that are added to or removed from our DNA. These tags influence how genes express themselves. These gene expressions are passed down to at least the third generation and have been found in relationship to conditions like obesity and diabetes.

Meditation has been evidenced to affect our epigenetics in a good way.

If we care for our descendants we practice.


When we engage with effective contemplative practice, we stop fuelling the expensive stories and dysfunctional states that control the mind and waste our precious life-energy.

Slowly, inexorably our attention moves to what is important, precious and valuable.

No longer buying into the mental stories of power, control, identity, possession and territory we have plenty of energy to pour into what is precious, what is valuable, what is important and what generates greater good for ourselves and all beings everywhere, without exception.

Energy flows.


Contemplation is essentially conservative, conservative with a small ‘c’.

Sitting meditating in nature you do not consume, nor do you change anything. Nothing is destroyed except illusions, nothing is taken away except the insanity of supposed civilisation.

Deep contemplation takes us into being nobody.

Only when you are striving to be somebody do you have a point to prove, a war to win, a golden tower to build. When you are nobody you are free to be everything, the rain, the wind, the trees. Freedom is deep contentment.

Contemplation is essentially anti-Conservative (large C) with it’s eco-destructive policies of infinite manufacture, consumption and profit. Contemplation sees through illusion, it does not collude with it.

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