Death and Monkey Mind

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Let’s talk about death and monkey mind. Monkey mind is just an endeavour of the brain to help us feel safe.

“Monkey mind is in everyone… catch it in the eyes of presence, only then does it not leak out and ruin your life” C Gladwell


Your body is the past tense of your mind.
Everything you have ever said, done, felt and eaten lives as your flesh. Your body is your biography.

What is the future of your body? 
It is what you make it with your mind. You make the body conscious with intelligent breath rich somatic practice and you find consciousness as flesh. Your not making the body conscious. Your undoing the wrappings of unconsciousness.

What is the future of your body? 
An increase in entropy.
This means it will eventually break into its constituent parts and you will, as a separate feeling consciousness, terminate. Death.

Wow! The great adventure.

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Watch your mind directly.
Sit quietly and still.
Watch your mind directly.
See its monkey nature.
Watch your mind directly.
Its relentless story making, meaning making and random spirals of the same old same old.
Watch it spin.
Watch your mind directly.
No longer believe it.
It’s an imbecile trying to help you feel safe.
Watch your mind directly.
There is no safety.
Watch your mind directly.
You and all beings die. Get this.
Watch your mind directly.
Watch your mind directly.
See and feel the truth and relax.
Relax as space-time.
And, laugh.

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How will you keep open to love when life’s challenges will grind you down?
Recognise impermanence. That all things end and all beings die.
Recognising that all of us will fall into increasing entropy and terminate.
Recognising we don’t know when this will happen.
Recognising no one knows.
Recognising the subconscious fear of this imminent termination. Recognising the vulnerability of being human.
Understanding the defences that humans generate as a response to this vulnerability.
What is the natural result?

I got an X-ray of my own skull in India and put in the window and meditated on it every day for a year and a day. I got it.
It’s good to get impermanence, good to get our inherent vulnerability.
Be effortless and gentle with your own vulnerability.

From this base we get to truly live and truly love.


In the beginning of practice monkey mind rules.
Monkey mind wastes all your energy, pouring it randomly in every direction.
It’s like giving all your money to a financial imbecile and wondering why you’re poor.
The start of powerful energy is to stop giving all your precious life energy to the monkey.
Watch your mind directly.

What to do?
Give priority to your yogic discipline. Work with the kriyas and breath-work that I teach, eat a moderate diet with intermittent fasting, practice at least 20 minutes of meditation each day, do a sound relaxation practice before sleeping and get a good body based discipline of breath and awareness rich, power focused, yoga going. End result, you will rejuvenate, feel sexier, younger, and have vast amounts of energy.

The only rub?

You have to practice


Rampant consumerism.
Relentless instant landfill masquerading as consumer product.
Said ‘product’ packaged in non-biodegradable wrappings.
More instant landfill.
Our planet is being consumed and turned into landfill.

To seek to satisfy monkey mind.
To gratify esteem.
Plaster over feelings of inadequacy and put a band-aid over our imminent death.
Monkey mind is never satisfied.
Esteem can never be gratified.
Inadequacy is an illusion and those feelings cannot be plastered over, simply resolved.
Death will happen, it’s unstoppable.

Save your planet from destruction by landfill and plastic waste. How?
Look directly into the mind and find peace, contentment and basic sanity.
Now, live from here.

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