Tantric Meditation – waking up to what is real

Eight evenings of exploration and practice

Using the senses and sense fields we will explore a range of meditative practices from more traditional and contemporary schools of Tantra.

All of these practices are ways of entering into full embodied presence. In Tantra every aspect of our existence is understood as pure and divine.

When we have been culturally conditioned to view ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe, our hearts and minds and bodies as separate, self and other as separate then the teachings of Tantra help to fully resolve this illusion through intelligent contemplative practices that undermine this conditioning and show it for the lie it is.

When we have been taught to view our existence through the lens of shame, our behaviours through the lens of guilt and the dance of cause and effect through the simplistic lens of blame, we need help to resolve these illusory states. Tantric meditations do this delightfully.

When we have become accustomed to seeing life as split into pure and impure, life and death and are addicted to the future vision of who we think we are becoming, Tantric meditation comes to the rescue to help us relax into the resilient joy and beauty of this special and holy moment.


Tantric Meditation - waking up to what is real

Each session will be from 7.30pm to 9pm

The eight evenings are:-

19/10/18 – 16/11/18 – 14/12/18 – 15/2/19 – 22/3/19 – 12/4/19 – 17/5/19 and 21/06/19

The next course begins in Sept 2019.

The eight evenings are:-

20/09/19 – 18/10/19 – 15/11/19 – 13/12/19 – 10/01/20 – 13/03/20 – 17/04/20 – 15/05/20 and 13/06/20

This is an eight session course.

Priority is given to those who book for all eight sessions.

Spaces will be available for some to drop in and join individual evenings.

The investment for the whole course is just £150 paid up in front. Terms can be arranged if that is difficult.

Individual session are £25.

Weekend Modules

19/10/18 – Looking directly into the mind

16/11/18 – Working with sound

14/12/18 – Working with vision

15/2/19 – Opening the heart of compassion


22/3/19 – Beyond selfing

12/4/19 – The mechanics of freedom

17/5/19 – Working with sensation and touch

20/09/19 – Situationist meditation

Like no other yoga teacher… a wealth of knowledge that inspires and moves change through your practice, teaching, and off the mat out into the world.
Laura Witherstone
Chris is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and authentic yoga teachers around. He transmits a wealth of information through his insightful teaching which is powerful, yet down-to-earth and practical and helps to de-bunk many of the myths and superstitions that surround Yoga. Chris would be my go-to for help and support as a Senior teacher.

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