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Engaged Yoga – the led Yoga-Tantra class 

explore, engage, expand, enjoy…


Tuesdays | 10am – 12.00pm | This class is closed on Jul 3rd. It is on on July 10th and 17th then closes for the summer recess. This class then resumes on Sept 4th.

£16 or what you can generously afford.

This is my only led class in Bristol. It will be different from week to week. There will however,  always be space for deep meditation, breath focused work, liberating mantra, powerful somatic (body) practice and deep rejuvenative relaxation.

This class is rooted in the principles and practices of traditional Tantric yoga with the evolutionary edge of fascial intelligence, bio-mechanically sound movement, contemporary yogic psychology, integral trance work, shamanic exploration and much much more.

If you know Christopher’s teaching you will know to expect the unexpected, yet the unexpected will always be excellence.


Matter Wholefoods Dojo, 3 Greenbank Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 6EZ

Call me on 07786928 458 to book your place or turn up and drop in. Bring a mat if you have one

Engaged Yoga – the Yoga-Tantra Master Class

empower your practice…


Tuesdays | 6:15pm – 8:15pm | This class is closed on June 26th and Jul 3rd. It is on on July 10th and 17th then closes for the summer recess.

£20 (or 4 classes for £70) (concessions available)


The Old Chapel, Steiner Academy, College Rd entrance, Bristol, BS16 2JP

This class runs school term times only. It is closed on the 27th March and April 3rd (Easter) resumes April 10th. Closed on the 29th June (half term) and resumes 5th July. Closed from 24th July (come on retreat!) through to 4th Sept when it resumes.

Call me on 07786928 458 to book your place. Call me if you can’t get in to the space and bring a mat if you have one

Engaged Yoga – the Yoga-Tantra Master Class

empower your life


Thursdays | 10am – 12pm | This class is closed on Jul 19th, last class July 12th when it closes for the summer recess. This class then resumes on Sept 6th.

£20 (or 4 classes for £70) (concessions always possible)


Yogasara Studio, 10-12 Picton Street, Bristol, BS6 5QA

About these classes…

Empowerment class (or Bristol Style self-practice!), means you will get high quality individualised and personal tuition within a group space. My 30 years or so of bodywork, yoga practice, meditation, mindfulness training and more, guarantees you the very best personalised tuition. I work with no more than twelve people in each class.

These classes are suitable for all from absolute beginners to highly advanced practitioners and is the class if you wish to grow an empowered and vibrant personal practice. These classes are all about you and your practice. You will create and grow a practice that honours your body type, works effectively with where you are at in your life and gives you access to all the limbs of yoga. You will learn physical  asana, mudra, bandha, pranayama, meditation and understand how to translate and weave yogic insight into your life.

Empowerment classes also offer you the depth and support you need for your own journey and you will be well supported and challenged to enable you to have confidence and genuine knowledge in your own practice. It’s a bit like having a one-2-one except your doing it in a small group of committed practitioners.

What you will get from my classes…

  • High level, quality, individual and expert tuition, suitable for all levels, and all are welcome.
  • Bio-mechanically intelligent teaching to heal your body and free your mind.
  • A compassionate and challenging approach rooted in functional anatomy, physiology, mindfulness and yoga psychology.
  • Guidance in establishing, developing and maintaining a powerful personal practice, individualised for you.
  • Highly skilled, hands on facilitation, rooted in 35 years of practice and teaching of yoga, anatomy, physiology and bodywork.
  • To make your own practice intelligent, effective, safe and powerful.
  • Assistance in developing at the rate you, your body and your lifestyle allow.
  • To work with vibration and mind freedom, through mantra.
  • Help with cultivating a powerful meditation practice, with ease.
  • Embodied awareness.
  • Exploration, inquiry and fun.
Quite simply put, Christopher is the best Yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.
Kwanele Tuakli
Chris is one of the best yoga teachers I have had the pleasure to work, his knowledge is extensive both spiritually and physically. What sets Chris apart from other yoga teachers is that he has a detailed knowledge of what is going on with EVERY part of your body, not just spiritually but also every muscle, joint, tendon, etc and consequently ensure you get the optimal out of his class. It also ensures you do not strain yourself and push yourself harder than what your body wants to do. This is down to him also incorporating biomechanics into his yoga from his background in anatomy and physiology. I highly recommend him to people at all levels of yoga...
David Ellams - yoga4autism

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