• Freedom Flows

    A book of radical poetry celebrating the journey into freedom and love. Poetry of the Not-Two recognising the path, the process and the goal as inseparable. These powerful poems evoke a juicy awakening to a life lived with passion, purpose and love.
  • 15 minutes guided breath practice
  • I’ve written this book as a result of my own experience. It’s a book I wish I had as a younger practitioner. It is replete with very classic Tantric practices and Yogic psychology around Kundalini and what it is to be a human being seeking their optimum potential. I trust this synergy of traditional and radical offers much insight and benefit in terms of depth yoga practice. The first half of the book begins the journey through the embodied psychology of Yoga, whilst the second half goes more into the rights and responsibilities of awakening and what Yogic Power means. Please enjoy it.
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    The Yogas of Dream, Trance, Waking and Awakening. Lucidity looks at the science and method behind meditation, deep relaxation, trance states, lucid dreaming, dreaming, sleep and more. Lucidity teaches practices to access these states and how to find awakened consciousness in everyday life. Lucidity looks at how to work effectively with life-energy, sexual energy as a subset of this, mind, love, compassion, and the body as the past tense of the mind. Body is biography. Lucidity will help you understand how the practices of yoga really work. Above all else Lucidity invites non-contextual joy and the art of a joyous life as the natural outcome of an authentic and effective yogic practice.
  • Protecting Planet Earth, humanity, diversity and ecology through conscious co-evolution. This is a manifesto for pro-social change, a wake up call to where the inner work and the outer work meet. A guide to conscious culture creation and crafting a future worth living. How do we move forward in ecologically astute ways? How do we step beyond the current culture of ecocide and change our relationship with each other, the earth and its myriad species in positive ways? Shining a light in the darkness of ecological ignorance and unsustainable growth, this book asks how will we make this beautiful planet habitable for our children and our children’s children? Promoting the principle of planetary stewardship, to care for our life support system and home, earth it extends the principles of evolution into conscious co-evolution and shows how and why this matters. This is an invitation to all who care, all who choose to make a difference and to all who are ready to make the changes we need to make.
  • The Book Of Purpose

    The Yoga of Real Wealth An invitation to discover and co-create purpose, here and now on planet earth. What gifts do you bring to share? How will you most fully grow into your potential? Contemporary yogic psychology at its best, this work is the anatomy of awakening and the essence of yoga. Teaching integral evolutionary and engaged yoga from the perspective of radikal freedom, this work maps the structure of ego as the experience of separation. Resolving this illusion of separation is the work of the yoga of real wealth. Real wealth is beyond the illusion of separation. The Book of Purpose leads inexorably to the lived realisation of awakening. What is real happiness? What is the greater good? What is real love? What is real spirituality? What is real wealth? How is it being radikally free? The Book of Purpose is an invitation to live this freedom in your daily life!
  • 15 minutes guided breath practice
  • Manifestation? All that manifestation stuff is so passé, so New Age. We’ve seen the Secret and got it that it is a glorified ego dance. So what’s new here? • Well, the first key is alignment. • The second key is pure motivation. • The third key is discipline. • The fourth key is belief. • The fifth key is sensory based evidence. In this book we look at these elements and use practices of ritual to undo limiting beliefs, clarify intent and find the power of alignment from which all manifestation arises.
  • The story of Yoga is a complex flowing and seamless web of inter-relationships between different views, philosophies, teachings and methods. This picture book has three flow diagrams that, whilst they cannot claim historical accuracy, paint a vivid picture to help students of Yoga get a sense of some of the lines of influence in this wondrous web. The first diagram seeks the essence of the orthodox Brahmanic line. The second seeks the essence of flow of the Tantric Hatha Yoga line. The third seeks the essence of flow of the Yoga Darshan. Of course maps cannot ever capture the wonder, but then they can inspire it. All three diagrams envision a tiny fraction of the web that is the Story of Yoga. Now, look and feel the deep history from which these amazing practices arise. Maybe then these images have been worthwhile.
  • The Stream

    A Tantric Tale of Life, Love, Death and Awakening. Beyond the jejune norm of spiritualised culture, this parable pulls you into the bowels of Truth, into the raw and tender heart of Love.
  • The Way Of Desire

    The way of desire is a contemporary tantric text, the Biophilia Tantra. Elucidating the method of using sensuality, eroticism and desire as a valid and valuable facet of the path to awakening and beyond, the biophilia tantra is invaluable to the modern day non-celibate yoga practitioner and tantrika. It is also insightful and rich for anyone seeking to live a life of power, love and freedom beyond the mundane mess of the culture of heartless sexualisation and pornographic nihilism. Clarifying the nature of who we are, the obstacles to this knowledge and how to directly experience this, the Biophilia Tantra offers and invites the direct experience of clarity and bliss.
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