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Yes Group Talk – The Power of Breath

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Nagas – The Full Movement Teaching

Nagas – The Full Flow Through

Anuloma Viloma – Alternative Nostril Breathing

Nauli (DCL, Enteric Awareness & Neurological Levels Practice)

Guided meditation: Deep Resting in the arms of Space-time

Guided Meditation: Systemic Realisation – becoming the Water element.

Guided meditation: An elemental journey into intention

An introduction to Mind Mastery

No enlightenment

Learning to love – pt 2

Learning to love – pt 1

Resolving the Self Contraction

Sexuality, Yoga And The Subtle Body

Rebuilding Tantra

Neurosis to Gnosis


Somatic Mindfulness

Yoga is Remembrance

What is Sadhana?

The Dark Side of Yoga – pt 4

The Dark Side of Yoga – pt 3

The Dark Side of Yoga – pt 2

The Dark Side of Yoga – pt 1

Contemporary Yoga – pt 2

Contemporary Yoga – pt 1