Spiritual Bypassing

Let’s explore spiritual bypassing…


Spiritual bypassing in the flesh is basically ignoring it. Pretending that the world is unreal and that the body doesn’t matter. It is not going deep into the body to get into all those trapped emotional hurts and free them. Liberation is through freeing these emotions not acting them out.

Spiritual bypassing in the flesh is avoidance, avoiding the developmental needs of the body and pushing the desires of the mind onto it. It is pushing into shapes in practice, it is hanging out in long stretches that harm the fascia, it is rolling around on bolsters when the body needs to be strong. It is blindly pushing for strength when the body needs to be still and learn to relax. Awakening is deep listening.

Spiritual bypassing in the flesh is avoiding feeling and resolving the trauma and wounds of childhood, and pushing those wounds deeper into the unconscious. Healing these wounds is the path to love.

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Spiritual bypassing in the mind is not deconstructing every story you have ever told yourself and seeing it as false, fabricated a partial vision of what happened. Awakening as pure awareness, all such fabrications end.

Spiritual bypassing in the mind is really believing the stuff that goes on in your head is a true reflection of the world. Looking directly into the mind and deconstructing everything is the beginning of Love.

Spiritual bypassing in the mind is pushing your pain in the form of stories out into the world and creating more suffering. Stopping telling stories like this is the beginning of Love.

Spiritual bypassing in the mind is coming up with clever philosophies of how everything works and then believing they are the truth, rather than just a story your mind made up. Awakening as pure awareness no clever philosophies are needed.

Spiritual bypassing in the mind is living from superstition and belief. We have to deconstruct our superstitious thinking, we have to dissolve every belief. There is no sanity in exchanging one set of beliefs for some convenient off the shelf yoga beliefs. In authentic yoga all beliefs dissolve.  There is just what is, just what is happening.

Spiritual bypassing in the mind makes up stories about others, spreads gossip and rumour and causes pain everywhere.

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Love is everything. Yet we’re all learning to love.

Spiritual bypassing in the heart is not owning our feelings and taking responsibility for them. Nothing makes us feel anything. We feel. Things happen and we feel. That’s life. When we take responsibility for those feelings, they are in us after all, then they become the royal road to waking up to love. They help us find the unlove. Spiritual bypassing in the heart blames our feelings on others. “They hurt me so much” we might wail, refusing to own our part, our closure, our inability to be clear. Responsibility is grown up, it owns the feelings, looks directly into them and resolves the wounds that have been triggered by life events.  Responsibility realises there is no-one to blame.

Spiritual bypassing in the heart ignores the deep wounds triggered by life events and spins sad stories of being a victim. It creates oppressors and seeks allies to bolster its victim state. Spiritual responsibility is to stop being a victim like that, and to realise ‘I created this too’. Only in responsibility can we do anything about making our lives and the world a better place.

Do you want more? Yes?
So Let’s learn to love together and explore our fears and vulnerabilities, our areas of unlove and find out how to truly love. Let’s BioHack our hearts and begin..


Spiritual bypassing in the energy body is simply not taking responsibility for the flow that is our bio-electro-magnetic self.

Spiritual bypassing in the energy body collapses us in energetic victim states of depletion and exhaustion. Spending time every day breathing well and moving well, thinking well and meditating well builds energy and wellbeing.

Realising we are continuous, seamless with the energy of the cosmos is awakening.


Spiritual bypassing in an ecological sense is pretending that the rivers are not your blood and your blood not rain and rivers. Awakening is knowing this and treating all water with love and respect.

Spiritual bypassing in an ecological sense is treating the earth as if it were something other than you. Awakening is knowing your body is the earth and honouring this sacred planet with every footstep.

Spiritual bypassing in an ecological sense is ignoring the ecological crisis we face and choosing to live in ignorant indifference of what is really happening. Awakening is seeking to protect and steward what is important, our planetary home and all the species that live here.

Spiritual bypassing in an ecological sense is not informing yourself and not acting to make the difference. Awakening – you will do everything in your power, small and large to make the difference that makes the difference.

What to do?
Give priority to your yogic discipline. Do these seven things… yes, just seven things.

1) Do your kriyas and breath-work (I will teach you).

2) Eat a moderate diet with intermittent fasting.  Happy to show you how to do this.

3) Practice at least 20 minutes of BioHack meditation each day. I can teach you.

4) Resolve the shadow emotions and stories of fear, shame, blame and guilt. Come, do this on retreat.

5) Do a sound relaxation practice before sleeping. Easy to learn the art of relaxing.

6) Practice your intelligent, body based discipline of breath and awareness rich, power focused, somatic yoga. I love teaching this!

7) Practice gratitude and do everything in your power to care for our planetary home.

End result, you will rejuvenate, feel sexier, younger, and have vast amounts of energy. Not only that, you’ll be changing the world for the better with your creative energy and having a fun filled life.

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