Evolutionary entrainment practice takes us into Meta-learning where we can learn faster, retain better and entrain our brains more effectively through meditative awareness.

Evolutionary entrainment switches on the left pre-frontal cortex and its links and associations with all other parts of our brain. This is done not through suppression of arising issues in our life but by fully and completely going into them, fully feeling them and transforming our relationship to them.

How do I know this, because I’ve done it and seen it done! This is what Yoga is really about.


Evolutionary practice can also take us into Meta-healing where we heal faster and better with meditative awareness embodied through intelligent somatic practice.

What does somatically intelligent mean here?

Some approaches to body based practice are famous for pushing the body to extremes of flexibility, strength or stamina in a goal oriented practice. This is not intelligent practice.

Intelligent practice listens deeply into the somatic system and works with the organic and incremental growth of optimal function.

Intelligent somatic practice takes us out of will power domination of the body and into conscious embodiment through listening and feeling. Challenging the body to grow into greater optimal function comes out of this and does not precede it.

Embodied meditative states also offer gamma wave entrainment, the unification of consciousness as a body-mind whole, as a gestalt.

This whole practice is held within the framework of there being nobody who is practising!

When we know there is from any integral meta-physical perspective or from a neuroscience perspective no ‘self’.

When we know the ‘self’ is a construct that we make up out of necessity for biological and psychological continuity.

When we have practised well enough to build a fab and shiny ‘self-story’ that is capable and strong enough to meet the world and all the appearances of obstacles, then and only then can we start to see it as a fabrication, a vortex of neural energy, a synaptic portrait of no real significance.


Authentic yoga wakes us up to this lie we tell ourselves. It helps us too see how we do ‘selfing’. The noun ‘self’ is a solidified lie. I’m consciously using the word lie here to provoke a little reaction from those who have vested interests in sustaining the illusion of the authority of the ‘self’.

Selfing is the verb we do from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, we even do it in our dreams albeit in a distorted form.

Authentic yoga helps us know there is no real ‘self’ only selfing.

So classic lines like the one from that beautiful text The Invitation.. which I utterly love..

‘To be true to your ‘self’ ” is a spiritual mistake.

There is no ‘self’ and there is no other. Self and other are the great duality. In non-dual Engaged Yoga there is only Interbeing.

The question then arises, what is the energy that exists in our relational dance of Interbeing?

Perhaps we could pay attention to our skill levels if energies like warfare, betrayal, emotional pain, suffering, violence and so on are arising in our relational dance?

Why not, every time you hear the word ‘self’ know it’s a lie someone is telling themselves. For sure they probably need to, but it’s still a lie.

When they say, being true to my ‘self’ or ‘self’ development or ’self’ practice… or any such phrase or variation on this theme, it is a lie because there simply isn’t one – a self that is.

Loads of people in the business of ‘self-development’ could get upset with this, I mean it’s a billion dollar industry!

So okay…For sure there’s a sense-of-self that we construct and it’s an invention that gets us about in the world, but it’s a psycho-emotional fabrication.

For sure, we can tidy up the edges of the ‘self-story and make it bit more functional as a vehicle.. I mean, it’s good to have vehicle that works well enough yeah?

Novel selfishness?

So when someone is being ‘true’ to them ‘selves’, it really means they are being ‘selfish’ in a novel and different way.


In Vedic yoga the essence of ‘self’ dissolves into the great no-Self Brahman. In Buddhism and Tantra the ‘no-self’ dissolves into Original Nature.

The ‘self’ cannot really be developed, it’s the ultimate neurosis, pure narcissism. One cannot be ‘true’ to the ‘self’ as there simply isn’t one. The ‘self’ can be seen for what it is and utilised and played with as a funky vehicle, but it has to be relegated as the driver.

When ‘self’ is dissolved there is simply something more interesting, more powerful and more loving that arises. Better than even the finest and shiniest ‘self’. But you wont know it till it happens. In fact the ‘self is so shit scared of letting go, cos it feels like dying, that it is going to grip to the maximum onto the shiniest self-story it can generate, and it will!


Why are people unhappy?

Precisely because we are trying to make our ‘selves’ happy. When there isn’t any such thing…. as a ‘self’ to be happy.

Precisely because we go back to the past of who we were or who we think we were and continue the patterns and problems of that, unabated into the present moment and thence into the future.

Precisely because we make a religion of the ‘self’, of ‘self’ development, of being true to one’s ‘self’ and turn it into a shiny spiritual practice. The outcome? Yep you got it, pure sufferation.

Now the empowered questions…

  • How quickly can we meta-learn?
  • How rapidly can we meta-heal physical and emotional wounds?
  • How speedily can we meta-morphose?
  • How immediately can we allow the movement meta to the ‘self’ and allow it to be the vehicle and not the driver of our lives.
  • How well can we entrain our experience of reality and relax into Interbeing?
  • When might we do this?

Through taking the only real freedom we have, of training our intention and attention we could start to see the ‘self’ and it’s ‘selfishness’ for what it is and through meta-approaches to practice and realisation simply drop into Interbeing, couldn’t we?

Interbeing is, the living experience of awareness and it’s feelings of love and compassion as every nuance of life.

Perhaps we could even finally lift ourselves, through meta-learning, and meta-living, through paying attention to the quality of every relational dance, evolve our Interbeing out of the Feudal, barbaric and palaeolithic states of grasping, greed, negativity bias and tribal warfare that are still so prevalent on planet Earth?

What are your thoughts and feelings?

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