Focus trains our brain, our heart and helps us build a whole new world…


Inflammation in the body is a problem. At Coventry University, Ivana Buric has examined gene activity in people who practice mind-body based practices. They found that the genes related to inflammation are less active in those who practice. Meditation, mindfulness and good (breath-filled, awareness-rich) physical yogic practice helps you to reduce inflammation.

So what?

Inflammation is part of the stress response and is associated with hosts of diseases from arthritis to auto-immune disorders. Focus, train your brain, relax, let go and you reduce the effects of stress.


Having a life where we can focus effectively on any project we choose to achieve is important. In todays attention poor culture of minimalist sound bites, mind focus is increasingly rare. Why would you even want to read a book let alone write one. I have written eight books, amongst running a business, teaching, doing childcare and so on. How does one do this. Focus. How do you focus?

You practice.

You train the anterior cingulate gyrus through focusing on one phenomena.

In yoga this is called Ekagrata Dharana. One pointed focus of mind.

Ekagrata Dharana is really the beginning of a depth yoga practice.

Focus, train your brain, relax, let go and you reach your potential.


Training the heart begins with self-compassion practice. In my book Lucidity, there is a fabulous self-compassion practice. It’s like the Buddhist schools of practice such as Mettabhavana, but more rooted in biology and western psychology.

I like making practices more functional for the modern context, that way they can potentially reach more people. There is more and more research coming in that altruism is really good for both giver and receiver. There is more and more evidence that pro-social behaviour really makes a difference.

All we have to do now is build a culture around this wisdom and let go of the dysfunctional and un-compassionate culture of the world of consumption oriented capitalism.

Focus, train your brain and heart, relax, let go, stop taking it all personally and we co-create a more compassionate culture.


How will you give yourself vast energy? 

Well belief is really good, first believe you can.

You don’t need a placebo if you are into yoga and meditation, you are the placebo.

You are the master/mistress of your own belief structures.

You harness the power of belief through impeccable positivity of the mind.

How do you cultivate impeccable positivity?

Though meditation, mindfulness and good (breath filled-awareness rich) physical yogic practice.

Focus, train your brain, relax, let go and you find energy.

Hope I’m not pushing the point too much, but you kind of get it yes?


We have to know we are part of the seamless flow that is this earth or we are doomed to seek to dominate it.

Western culture runs on a myth of the human species being the superior race, the superior species, the one that can control and dominate everything.

The new dream, the new mythology is simply that this is untrue and that the role of conscious people who have done the Inner Work is to act as guardians and stewards of this planet.

It is time for the guardians and stewards to stand up and care for this planet and all its myriad species.

The Inner Work is to take full responsibility of our thoughts, emotions, body and ecology. How do we do this? We focus, train our brains and hearts, understand our existence as inseparable from this sacred Earth and co-create a sustainable culture for us and our children’s children.

More on this – read Protecting Planet Earth, humanity, diversity, ecology by your’s truly and my other books – all available here.

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