Yoga and Money

Positive pro-social change through applied meditation, yoga and mindfulness. Engaged when we join together, co-creating a rapid, effective and peaceful evolution (revolutions just go round and round). Now is the time to come together.  Today we look at money…


Most people would agree that if you have not got physical health you are poor. Yet so many people compromise their health for the sake of money. Indeed for many wage slaves it can be impossible not to. Working in sweated labour in Asia or toiling under the hot sun to grow food to feed the family, or living far from clean drinking water, this is how it is for many.

Meantime in the wealthy world people are caught up in the twin obsessions of body and diet. If you don’t have to worry about food, you can worry about food. You can measure your blood sugars and ketones, you can biometric everything and obsess to a T, because there is nothing to worry about, except impermanence of course!

If you don’t have to worry about your body because you have plenty to eat, hours to sleep and access to healthy exercise, you can worry about your body. You can sculpt those pecs and spend hours toning that six pack. Your social inclusivity and peer demands may require you to obsess about every little part of your body and pump that flesh just that bit more, or you just won’t be lovable, will you?

You might spend hours, weeks or months perfecting the drop back into backbend or the lift into handstand, pretending it is going t give you something you don’t already have. You might obsess about every sensation in your body as if it were some serious crisis.

What else is there to do for the wealthy modern? 

Change the world? 

But we need those sweated trainers to go down the gym!

Seriously, physical wellbeing is really important. Turning it into a time consuming obsession that detracts from the quality of our relational existence is just a little crazy perhaps? 

If you’re interested in developing an intelligent breath rich yoga practice, please feel free to reach out to me.


There is just what is, just what is happening, yet the mind wants to make stories out of what is to give us the illusion of being safe and in charge. This is where it gets complicated.

All that we have created including money comes out of mind. It, like everything, is initially an idea, a concept that has arisen and grown through the imaginations and behaviours of millions of people. Most of us agree with this system and how it works and now take if for what is, just what is happening. Yet, really it’s what we are collectively choosing.

We can create what we want, we have to dream it together though. Dream and imagination have the same roots. Enough of us have to dream it, imagine it, agree it, and then collectively act, at the right time, to make that difference and our world is then changed.

When we realise the power of mind, that everything that exists in our world came from dream moved through action, then we can co-create a radical new world.

First though we have to eliminate the unhelpful software, the malware of conditioning and go back to the deep operating system of pure awareness. This is the kind of BioHack we are doing in a strategic and accelerated meditation practice.

I teach what I call BioHack, This is rooted in biology, psychology and ecology whilst utilising what is powerful from the traditions of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

If you haven’t got an accelerated BioHack meditation practice, please feel free to reach out to me.

My sole interest is helping you be awesome.


Because I want to live on a planet full of mutually empowered people. It’s so much more fun. A planet full of people whose minds are operating on feudal operating systems of financial victim, financial oppressor and financial rescuer is disempowering and tedious. Don’t you think?


Money can’t buy you love. It never could. It can buy a facsimile if you would be satisfied with that.

But then don’t you want more than that? I do.

I do my level best to choose love in every situation, even if that involves walking away. Even then there is no need to get into recrimination, vengeance or any of the grubby spiritual gangster behaviour evident in the world of pseudo-spirituality. Sometimes though, even I get it wrong, that’s learning to love. And, in my world we’re all learning to love. Forgiveness is key.

Having said that money can’t buy you love, I also celebrate money. Rather I celebrate and appreciate what money can do for me! Money as a passport gives me access to resources and greater choice. What I really appreciate is not money, per se, but access to resources and access to choice. So money as a construct is ultimately irrelevant. What is relevant is access and choice. Given I have an authentic yoga practice and live simply, this choice is one for my greater good and the greater good of all beings everywhere. Even those that have chosen to craft themselves as opponents, I see them as my teachers.

Above all else I love love. I celebrate life-essence and practice Bio-philia. I am relatively uninterested in traditional Indian Bhakti Yoga, explored it and got the T-shirt.

However, I am fascinated by the new-Bhakti of Bio-philia, devotion to life and life essence.

As part of this seeking the greater good of all is a powerful aspect of practice. Let’s learn to love together and explore our fears and vulnerabilities, our areas of unlove, our shadow, our joy, our bliss and find out how to truly love. Let’s BioHack our hearts and begin..


Money cannot access you life-energy. It can buy you time. What you then choose to do with that time is of course up to you. You could use that time to cultivate practices that build life-energy.

Lack of money can cause serious depletion of life-energy if you then have to spend your time running around to access this unequally distributed resource.

Of course what we all do is trade our life-energy for money. So much of my life-energy (as skills learnt and life energy spent and as time) equals so much money. If we are wise when we spend our money we will see we are giving away life-energy.

Once you have spent life-energy you never get it back. Look after your precious life-energy well.


Money and the drive for profit is arguably what is responsible for most eco-destruction. Not adding in ecological damage to the equations of what something costs means that we all pay later. Look at plastic packaging. It is flooding our oceans causing massive problems. The plastic bag and packaging makers are not paying to clear this up. Those plastic bags are really super expensive.

Leonardo di-Caprio has just donated £20 million dollars to climate change charities. Awesome. Money is not the issue, Human minds and human hearts are the issue.

What to do? 
Give priority to your yogic discipline. Do these eight things… yes, just eight things.

I want to live on a planet full of empowered, vital people reaching their potential. Much more fun! So…

1) Do your kriyas and breath-work (I will teach you).

2) Eat a moderate diet with intermittent fasting.  Happy to show you how to do this.

3) Practice at least 20 minutes of BioHack meditation each day. Happily teach you.

4) Resolve the shadow emotions and stories of fear, shame, blame and guilt. Come do this with me on retreat if you need.

5) Do a sound relaxation practice before sleeping. Easy to learn the art of relaxing.

6) Practice your intelligent, body based discipline of breath and awareness rich, power focused, somatic yoga. Our teaching team do this really really well too.

7) Practice gratitude and do everything in your power to care for our planetary home.

8) Act from belief and trust, but act and act for the greatest good of all beings, without exception everywhere.

End result, you will rejuvenate, feel sexier, younger, and have vast amounts of energy. Not only that, you’ll be changing the world for the better with your creative energy and having a fun filled life.

Read Lucidity available on my website.

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