What if?

The Body bit..

What if you realised that your beautiful sacred body was never yours, that it is simply the flow of elements, a temporary vortex of organic recycling, and that all you can do is truly appreciate this flesh, fully feel this experience of life and then it let it all go gracefully?

How might this help you live life in a fuller, juicier, more joyful and kinder way?

The Heart bit…

What if all the stories you had about yourself and everybody else turned out to be untrue, fantasies you had made up?

Well they are.

How could this help you live in a more joyful and kinder way?

What if you realised that everyone’s body is simply the flow of elements, a fragile and temporary vortex of organic recycling that they mostly grip onto as if it were never going to die? If you were to see that vulnerability and fear for what it is, would that generate compassion for all the defence strategies they create?

What if it is possible for all of us to have mutual relationships without compromising what is right for ourselves?

The Energy bit…

What if at the end of your life you realised all the things you had worried about were never worth worrying about, and what if you realised that now, how might you live?

What if you got it that worry is a misuse of the imagination and a big depletion of energy?

What if you got it that your neurons and those great spiral galaxies and nebulae are all made of the same energy continuum?

What if you got it, at a visceral level, that the energy of the stars is yours?

The Mind bit…

What if everything including all your own states of mind had causes and effects?

What if you could see that cause is an effect, that effect is a new cause?

What if you could see through this cause and effect and could change things at will, what might you do?

What if you could train your mind, cultivate it with patience and practice so that you can test ideas and concepts and find if they are true, see through cause and effect and find how you most deeply work, what would you do?

The Ecology bit…

What if the birds, the moss, ferns and trees and all the creatures everywhere had a song to sing?

What if the rain, rivers, streams, lakes and oceans were telling you profound truths?

What if the rocks, mountains, caves and wide deserts were all gently humming universal truth to you?

What if you could only hear or feel any of this universal harmony if you quietened your busy busy mind?

What would you do?

What if you could drop anything and everything that no longer serves you and all beings everywhere, what would you be doing now?

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