About Engaged Yoga

Engaged Yoga is an integrated and systematic approach to yogic practice, realisation and awakening.

Engaged Yoga starts with Somatics and Mind. 


Body based (somatic) practices that are intelligent, honours our fascia and work effectively with cultivating wellbeing in the body-mind continuum (Bmc). All the teachings of Engaged Yoga are supported by contemporary physiotherapeutics and traditional roots.


Understanding our minds and why they do what they do. Learning about the freedom inside that our minds can point to. Using the practices of mindfulness and meditation to create greater choice, freedom and vitality.

Then we move into…


Emotional literacy and intelligence allows us to live in the evolutionary edge of our human experience. Being hijacked by the ancient parts of our neurology leaves us living unhappy and reactive lives. Soem parts of our nervous system are inherited from invertebrates, some from reptiles and then we have the proto-mammalian emotional brain, living in reaction from these is problematic.

Engaged Yoga teaches practical methods so you can feel these parts of your nervous system, honour their intelligence and live from the more recently evolved parts of our brain. This allows us great freedom.

This freedom is one of having inner space, in this crucible the emotions of separation and desperation can be effectively transformed into those of connection, unicity and authentic freedom.

Wellbeing psychology.

Meditation, mindfulness and an array of practices of mental clarity facilitate us reaching our full potential.

Wellbeing psychology changes our perspective and helps us live from a place of choice and empowerment.


We are also electro-magnetic beings. This energetic flow through us needs to flow. Our lives often crimp this flow and then we can easily get ill. Breath and energy based practices are part of Engaged Yoga. These practices that cultivate profound wellbeing, vitality and clarity in our Bmc.



Engaged Yoga teaches honouring in relationship. Honouring and cultivation of appreciation facilitates deep intimacy, connection and relaxation into the relational dance that we also are, allow us to enjoy, deepen and transform relationships.

We are relational beings, always in relationship, it’s simply a question of how skilful we are in growing loving relationships where love, open communication and mutual honouring are the norm.

From here into…

Sexual energy

Working with sexual energy is an important aspect of any integrated yogic system. We suppress or ignore it at our peril. The key practices involve:

  • How to open and sustain the bliss lines of our body
  • Understanding the emotions of separation and those of connection
  • ‘Getting’ the intrinsic emptiness of all phenomena
  • Growing mutual sexual empowerment from the realisation of inter-dependence and inseparability
  • Infusing our whole body-mind continuum (bmc) with radiance and bliss and then sharing this with our consort.

These practices are taught on retreat to those who are ready to learn them.


What on earth are you doing on this planet?

One of my books is titled ‘The Book of Purpose’.

In what way does you passion and vitality, focused through clear action serve both yourself and the greater good?

What is your service, your contribution, your calling?

If you don’t yet know, are you ready to find out?

Let me help you find, deepen and craft your purpose with passion, power and practice.

And now…

The World

Land down to earth, practise in nature. So many people live like they are separate from their life support system, our mother, planet Earth.

Deep ecological awareness in union with yoga and meditation takes us into intimacy with nature, with nurture and with ourselves as a facet and force of nature.

We all need to understand our place in the systemic reality of this planet, Engaged Yoga facilitates this.


All the facets of the diamond of Engaged Yoga are integrated on retreats and courses.

Weaving yoga into daily life creates a positive and empowered lifestyle as a force of transformation and authentic freedom. Authentic freedom is love, joy and wisdom in action, it is conscious co-evolution.

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