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No matter your level of practice in Mind Mastery, whether you're more experienced or if you've never tried it, this course has something for you!

You'll learn practical, embodied strategies to begin to master and free your mind, engage your heart and live really well, in just 12 weeks.

Rooted in the yoga, mindfulness and meditation traditions and explained through bio-psychology, these simple methods help you work with obstacles, engage your heart and create the life you want.

And you'll get all this training from a top expert and experienced meditator, mindfulness coach, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and teacher of Yogic psychology and wellbeing.

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12 weeks and 26 practices to train your brain, engage your heart, and free your life.

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Why Do Mind Mastery?

So many of us struggle with stress, life pressures, relentless demands on time and money and anxiety about what the future holds and the discomfort, diseases and difficult relationships all this creates 

An untrained mind dominates life in these kind of ways…

  • Busy mind - Your mind won’t stop and mind stories are dominating your life?

  • Lack of focus - your mind jumps all over the place and you struggle to complete projects?

  • Lack of willpower - you’ve lost your power to get up and go, and make things happen?

  • Anxiety about the future - fear of what might happen.

  • Can’t meditate - you’ve tried meditation and it didn't work.

  • Your mind gets in the way of enjoyment. You can’t relax into pleasure and life.

  • Your mind makes up stories about people before you even know them. And it's busy making up stories about people you do know. Then you unconsciously help those unhealthy stories come true. When your relationships are rooted in the stories you tell your self about people, not what’s happening with those people, life is painful.

  • Can’t seem to get happy - it eludes you.

  • Can’t find inner peace - life is a constant rush, a string of demands and endless worry.

  • Can’t stop thinking about work - you just can’t seem to switch off?

  • Live in fear - there is so much wrong with people and the world, its scary.

  • Emotions dominate your life - you struggle with difficult feelings such as anxiety, depression and anger.

  • Fear stops you doing things you really want to do - you wish you could do all these things but there's always a reason why not too.

  • Feeling stuck - bored, locked in a life prison you just can’t seem to get out of?

  • Feeling broken by life - ground down, worn out, depleted, exhausted?

  • Can't sleep - toss and turn at night, need sleeping pills and then wake up feeling tired anyway?

But, you want to create a life where you really can live the life you want, a life that helps you and all beings everywhere?

Naturally, you do! 

So whats the answer?

Introducing The Mind Mastery Course!

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga have all been scientifically evidenced to help destress our minds, train our brains and free our lives. Mind Mastery goes one step further.


On our course, you'll gain an understanding of how you work through the bio-psychology of the body, feelings and the mind.


You'll learn practical and brief micro-practices you can easily incorporate into your life to begin to make the difference.


You'll learn how to access these step-by-step practices that will enable you to achieve accelerated contemplative development and create all of this for yourself, through the focused power of your own mind.

Start mastering your mind

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Like Tim Ferriss says in Tools of Titans - 

"meditation really is the meta-skill that all successful people work with."

If you can change your mind, you can change your life” William James. 

And it’s true!

Mind Mastery helps you change your mind and also takes meditation to the next level as accelerated contemplative development. 

I have taught thousands of people the skills of accelerated contemplative development, taking them effortlessly into the power of presence. You can have this too. 

  • We know that belief heals diseases, look at placebo.
  • We also know that nocebo (pain caused by the mind) leads to unhappiness and diseases.
  • We know that the mind is a system of habitual loops.
  • We know that changing your mind requires regular, consistent effort, and strategic and appropriate practices, and then the habitual patterns it runs on, change. We know that the way your mind works can change through the practices in this course when you apply them with dedication, diligence, discipline and devotion.

So what will these changes feel like, and how will they work, I hear you ask...

  • The ancient evolutionary architecture of the brain runs how you see the world around you. On this course you will work practically with this ancient neurology to start to take control of your mind, your life and find freedom.

  • You will learn micro-practices, brief methods that act to bring you back into presence, mindfulness and pull you out of nocebo, the suffering the mind can create.

  • You will look at the negativity bias, rooted in your evolution and get practical strategies to turn this around and find clarity and joy in each moment and in your whole life.

  • You will find peace of mind, greater creativity, mental space and the beginnings of freedom from mind chatter.

  • Love and compassion will start to move more effortlessly through your life, making your life so much richer.

  • As you learn to focus, success in your life projects will naturally happen, There is no abiding success without mental discipline and mind mastery.

  • You'll find greater clarity in your emotional world as you feel into and understand how emotions work, from the basis of your evolutionary biology.

  • Courage and fearlessness in life arises so much more fully as you find your own power to make a difference.

  • Joy becomes the default setting of your brain. You begin to wake up with passion, purpose and joy every day. Will-power increases exponentially.

  • Ease and Flow is the naturally arising capacity as you progress through these practices and begin to embody them in your life. Beauty and wonder in each moment of life becomes your norm and more...

Are you ready to start your journey to personal freedom!

Get instant access to this complete step-by-step system to increase your focus, productivity, joy and peace of mind!

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With this course you can have these results

All you need to do is follow the process

First, we understand our mind

This course on Mind Mastery will give you an understanding of your mind, thinking, feeling and emotions. It will also teach you the direct relationship between mind and body and how they are not separate at all. 

Second, we start to train the mind

This course on Mind Mastery will help give you this. You have to do your part and do the practices. This is your commitment.    

Third, we work with habit creation.

The way your mind works is that what you put the energy of your attention into, consciously or unconsciously grows. 

We will help you understand and train your attention. Attention is often habitual. 

As we change the habits of mind, your mind changes. To grow new habits we start incrementally. 

So, the practices are given for you to weave them into your life, every day, for just a short period of time. 

This is your commitment.

Who will master your mind?

You will!

We provide the understanding and the strategies of practice, you have to do the work. 

We help you understand habit creation and help you build new brain habits, you have to implement this on a daily basis.

The course structure is optimised to help you succeed

There's a lot of content to cover, but anyone can learn these skills with the right guidance. 

This is the structure we've found best supports people to gain the knowledge and practical skills to start making big improvements in their life!

The practices are laid out over a 12 week period for you to develop what you have learnt each week, before you dive into the next lesson.

The first four lessons will be available to you immediately as a in-depth introduction to the subject. From there a new lesson will be available each week to ensure you have the time to develop your Micro-practices.

During each lesson you will have several of these Micro-practices to work into your daily routine. Each practice will draw on the rationale, the theory you've learnt in the lessons before, as well as on ancient and modern methods from yoga, meditation and mindfulness. 

The lessons are presented in a simple video format, with supplement downloadable content to help you further understand and engage with the practices each day.

And to make sure you REALLY do feel supported and guided every step of the way, you'll get lifetime access to our Mind Mastery Course.

So, What would it be worth to you if...

  • You didn’t have to spend your precious time searching for the methods and information on how to make your mind work better for you.

  • You had lifetime access to a rich wealth of knowledge broken down into step-by-step video lessons that covered the theory and practice of over 20 micro-practices you can implement in your life to facilitate freedom.

  • You got the support and guidance you need from an expert in teaching mind mastery and a like-minded community to make mastering your mind a new loved daily habit.

  • You started to feel you had greater stress and anxiety control, joy, focus, will-power, emotional clarity, peace of mind and more...

  • This is the opportunity that is in front of you today!

Christopher Gladwell

CEO & Founder of Embody 

I’ve been active in deep study, practice and living yoga in its various forms of physical practice (asana), bodywork, breathwork and pranayama, meditation and mindfulness, vibration and mantra, devotion and bhakti for over 35 years.

I’m also a biologist and studied much in the world of western psychology. This course is rich in the relationship between us as biology, our psychology and then how the practices derived from yoga and meditation help us. 

I am very keen on taking practices and liberating them from the accretions of religion so that you get a secular base to your practice rooted in biology, psychology and neuroscience. 

Do the amount of years matter?

Yes if those years have been filled with deep study and practice, because the benefits of this experience then come directly to you, condensed, simplified and in an easily digestible form. 

I’ve explored plenty of other things as well as yoga and meditation, because I find us humans and our world fascinating. These include…

  • Wellbeing Psychology
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • NLP
  • Wellbeing
  • Somatics and bodywork
  • Shiatsu and Asian medicinal approaches
  • Coaching
  • Marital arts
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • and more…

I'm excited about taking you step-by-step through this Mind Mastery Course Level One and helping you to build brain training, understand and engage your heart, and to find a life of passion, purpose and joy. 

I'm excited about you living a powerful life where you are no longer the prisoner of your biological algorithms, no longer a slave to the conditioned beliefs, stories and limitations of your upbringing and conditioning. 

I'm passionate about you living a life of awesome!

Let's do it.

What Others Have Said

How do I know if this Mind Mastery Course is for me?

  • Even If you’re on the fence… Or if other trainings have left you stranded and skeptical. Then we want to give you EVERY opportunity to put The Mind Mastery Course into action and see the results first hand in your life. So if you can say yes to any of the points below then you're perfectly qualified to start the Mind Mastery Course and get the most out of it:
  • You want to be able to free yourself more easily from stress, anxiety and negative thinking.
  • You want your life to be filled with greater joy, love, compassion, focus, creativity, emotional clarity, mental space and flow.
  • You're interested in starting or just started some mind mastery, meditation or mindfulness practices and want to learn more.
  • You've practiced before and want to get back into it or want to gain more in depth knowledge about how the mind works and the practices that can transform your life.
  • You're interested in the biology, neuroscience and yoga philosophy behind mind mastery and brain training.
  • You're ready to take your mind to the next level, and find joy in your new mind mastery habits.
  • You genuinely want to get the most from this course and start re-training your brain for a better life.
  • You're willing to give this course your best effort, and enthusiastically put in the work knowing that it will start your journey to having the mind control you want to have.

My aim is to make in-depth Mind Mastery accessible

So I am offering you this amazing course with the most essential information and practices
for empowerment and Mind Mastery at very low investment!

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