Join a webinar to find out more and ask Christopher any questions you have

I invite you to join me for an enlightening webinar where I'll introduce you to our Embody Breathwork Instructor Programme. 

This session will offer an invaluable opportunity for anyone keen on deepening their understanding of breathwork and how this unique 1-year training can help you to become an exceptional breathwork practitioner.

Having dedicated the last forty-nine years to conscious breathwork practice, I've paired science with traditional techniques to construct a unique and comprehensive approach. During the webinar, I'll share insights about how our course fuses the art, science, and disciplined depth of breathwork, along with: 

  • Guiding you through the course's structure, outlining its distinctive highlights.
  • Sharing the opportunities and support we provide throughout the course, including live online clarity calls, one-on-one sessions, a week-long retreat, and exclusive access to my book.
  • Exploring the application process and how we evaluate applicants' ability to practise and utilise breathwork responsibly and effectively.

Whether you're an aspiring breathwork instructor or someone simply passionate about breathwork, this webinar is an open forum to have all your questions answered by me directly. 

Join me to learn more about how you can become one of the most skilled and educated breathwork instructors in the world.


Tuesday 1st August
Wednesday 23rd August
Tuesday 19th September
Monday 2nd October
Wednesday 18th October

Training Launching  Saturday 21st October

Once booked you will receive confirmation and details in your email.

Christopher and the team look forward to speaking with you soon!