Who am I? 

I’ve lived for 63 full rotations of the sun (years) and am so far surfing really well into my 64th. I’ve been into ecology, nature, herbs and wilding all my life.

I’ve been into breathwork (albeit it wasn’t called that then) since I was a teenager, when I was inspired by the Apache nation to practice running in a style that emulated their practices, as I understood them, of nose breathing during extreme running. That was 48 years ago.

I then got into martial arts, hard external fighting styles and softer internal styles such as Tai Chi Chuan and also Chi Kung, which I practised for many years on a daily basis.

Then traditional yoga found me and it was the beginning of a commitment to going deeper in the physical practices, into the breath based practices and in meditation. I’ve practised daily and been on retreats and deepened in practice ever since, that’s four decades of practice now.

Other key strands of development included 16 years of studying Shiatsu and Chinese medicine. I also studied Ayurveda which is a preventative and rehabilitative medicine from India.

One of the key elements of yogic practice that I found beneficial was yoga nidra and the trance states that could be induced with this practice. Within the trance states there felt to be a huge healing potential and it was this that led to my next key inquiry.

The power of language.

I studied storytelling and from here clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to trainer level so that I could better understand trance induction and how to use it to help people heal – also to use it in meditation to enable the zero-trance state. This brought me neatly back to yoga nidra and meditation.

Meantime I continued practising, movement, breathwork and meditation daily. 

This exploration of psychological therapies finally led me to explore psychotherapy, and even here I had to bring it back to the body, since it is the body that keeps the score. 

My own trauma resolution process was an embodied experience of consistently releasing and reintegrating through the flesh, through the breath and then supported as appropriate by the guided witness consciousness of talking therapy. This experience linked me into what is now called yoga therapy and also the psychology of awakening, which is rooted in yogic psychology from deep yoga and Buddhism. 

My academic background from the late 1970’s was as a biologist and I also studied education and later philosophy, particularly yogic philosophy

Another element of study for me was how we actually work, physiologically, anatomically and emotionally. This led me to teach functional anatomy and also, naturally, to study more. This study took me to Tom Myers Anatomy Trains teachings, which I studied in reasonable depth, completing a certification level in 2020. 

The ever present thread of the breath led me to teach yoga in Cyprus ,where I met my teachers of conscious connected breathing. Like a duck to water, all those years of daily practice of embodiment, yogic breath practice and meditation came into their own and I was hooked!

Taking CCB back to its yogic roots is part of what I am now working with, which includes making the primary route of breathing in this practice full yogic nasal and not mouth breathing, as has arisen in the western world. 

There is a place for mouth breathing in breathwork, but its negative physiological complications mean it is a very small and specific one in my view, and ideally not in powerful practices like CCB, unless it is a means to an end, but then as they say the means is the end!

I’m also most importantly the father (I’ve done my level best anyway) of eight beautiful souls who I have the privilege of calling children. 

I spent a decade studying contact dance and also love the space of powerful authentic, unconditioned human interaction and relationship. So many other strands have entered into my arena of engagement from two decades of shamanic practice, including shamanic trance dance, movement medicine (I’ve only done a little but I do love it) and free diving. So I studied with Stig Severinsen of Breatheology, which I loved, as well. 

I was initiated into a variety of yogic practices through the Dashnami Sannyass lineage from India and the Tibetan Nyingma lineage, both of whom I have found myself allied with. I still practice the embodied meditative depth skills I learnt in these schools including Dzogchen and MahaYoga. 

So who am I? 

I am nothing of any consequence, stardust like us all, yet I am also inherently everything in this interconnected, singular weave of life-universe, and I am what this journey has carved out of this ever changing flesh, mind, heart and spirit. I am life. I am, with a relatively transparent I, simply Being.

What do I teach? 

This is really the wrong question as it should be: what do I facilitate? 

I do my best to do ‘me’ really well and as authentically as possible and it is that authenticity that points to something for others, at times. 

To support this and point to the inherent goodness, beauty and potential in people who become my ‘students’, I use a range of methods derived from my decades of study. 

These methods include… 

Embodiment practices – switching on the intelligence, power and potential of your living body. 

Conscious breathwork – utilising the vast toolbar of 108 breathwork practices to enable people to move from distress to de-stress, from de-stress to resilience, from resilience to energisation and transformation and from transformation to freedom. 

Meditative depth – finding the place of depth, beauty, innate and natural goodness and your deep wild nature and from here moving and living in the world from a place of responsibility and empowerment. 

Conscious relationship – the base of clear communication is personal resonance and self-knowledge followed by heart-listening and clean and compassionate communication. I teach the art of self-knowledge and the necessary shadow work as well as the art of communication and conflict transformation. I also teach the fractal dynamics of osmotic boundary, necessary for the dance of sentience as sense, sensuousness, sensuality and conscious sexuality.  

Wilding – I help people re-wild through all the above practices and running retreats in wild nature to help people remember their earthly ancestry and find new possible futures. 

Why do I teach?

Because we are in a new geological age, it is titled the Anthropocene, the age where humanity is changing the surface of this planet more. almost more than the climatic process, an age where we are causing untold damage to ecological diversity and appear to be driving to the next mass extinction of life on this planet.

Arguably the age could be called the Plasticine, and we are simply doing primate change because that’s what unconscious all consuming primates do? 

Maybe, just maybe there is a strand of hope, whereby the conscious arising of a new kind of humanity could turn this juggernaut or human destruction around. This work is part of that change, helping to grow a new kind of humanity, one breath at a time.