I wanted to share my daily routine – all of these things help me to stay balanced, resilient, strong and deeply in flow.

Creating routines and empowering, lasting habits, means there are less decisions to make – humans make over 35,000 choices a day, so we must choose wisely! So by establishing routines – things we do because we know they make us feel well and balanced – we are doing ourselves and our wellbeing a big favour.

This is not a one size fits all approach – what works for me may not work for you. It’s about discovering what consistently feels good and right for you. This is one of the many superpowers that conscious breathwork gives you – the ability to finely tune in to your body and understand what you need in order to thrive.

Sleep well
I always plan for sleeping well. I do my breath practice to ensure this.
And dream well.
I wake mostly without an alarm clock.
Straight into conscious breath with my deep connection practice of mantra.

Make my bed
Start the day with a dopamine win!

Poo – water wash, helps the enteric nervous system work well.

Cold shower (for those whose genetics invite this, many Northern Europeans including Wim Hof happens to have the right genetics for this).

Hot shower – cold followed by hot seems to help out wellbeing, this is why I love saunas.

Morning meditation and breath practice

Absolutely essential to floss the emotions, clear the mind, open the heart and continuously find a deeper place of identity than personality stories.

Physical embodiment and embodied awareness practice
A breath rich, feeling full, deeply aware body based practice creating strength and length in the muscles, fluid movement in the fascia and ease and joy in flowing movement and stillness.

Drink water with devotion
It is the ‘real thing’, the very stuff of life.

Breathe consciously all day

Yes all day – a variety of coherent breath (6sec inhale 6 sec exhale): or super coherent breath (12-15 second inhale and 15 to 30 second exhale) along with occasional micro, easy breath holds: or alternate nostril breath, simple wild breath, seven wave breath etc. This keeps me in awareness and in flow, all day.

Intermittent fasting
I eat the first meal of the day at around midday to 2pm. This works to keep me resilient, strong and lean. I eat two meals a day of mostly vegan, natural food. Virtually no processed sugar.

Enjoy making To Do lists and really enjoy ticking them off. I love my work!

Movement breaks
Go outside, bare feet on the ground even in winter, take seven breaths, move and then go back to my computer.

Spend time in nature
As often as possible.

Be kind to myself
This means noticing arising mental and emotional patterns and embracing them, letting them arise, flow and dissolve in awareness.

I can control my mind really well, so I notice any dysfunctional thought patterns arising and don’t feed them with life energy. Difficult thinking is a key factor in unhealthy stress creation. Unhealthy stress is the biggest culprit in immune dysfunction for most people, along with a junk diet.

Celebrate the healthy stress and use that to get stronger.

Talk with my friends daily
Particularly my awareness buddies who challenge me and support me and help hold me on track. I in turn, help them.

Talk with my family
As often as possible. See them as often as possible, even online.

Take time to eat
Grace myself with breath and a relaxed nervous system first, give thanks, chew well, rest afterwards for twenty minutes to aid digestion. I might play the guitar or read at this time.

Stay out of blame, catch myself when I do go there.

Stay out of shame, it is toxic. Eliminate it.

No more excuses for anything
Excuses are different to reasons. Reasons are simply explanations of complexity. They explain priorities in action or completion.

Excuses are avoidance of responsibility, they are using complexity to avoid or justify the avoidance of action or completion. Therefore no more justifications.

Avoid people who create drama
And seem to thrive on it. As much as possible. Many people are invested in drama.

Ruthless compassion
For myself and all beings, even if others don’t see it. It’s not about being seen.

Honesty in my word and behaviour
Even if others don’t see it.  It’s not about being seen.

Moderate my screen time
Since we now live in a digital world. I grew up without computers and screens of any kind. I know what it is like to have time and screen freedom. Our screen engagement has to be monitored, we have to do this ourselves.

Try not to read the news too much
And continuously recognise it is filtered for negativity, there is rarely good news promoted, filtered for someone else’s vision of what I or we should know.

Keep my heart and mind clear
Despite the chaos of the world. Notice if my engagement with world affairs disturbs my equipoise and ease off if it does.

Keep my circles clear
My circle of influence needs to be kept clear and strong so I don’t let my circle of concern affect this negatively or I am no longer effective in the world, at any level.

Celebrate the small wins and things. 

Celebrate the big wins and things. 

Do breath practice before bed.

Dream well. Lucidly as often as possible.

What do you do daily to keep yourself well, strong and resilient?

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