Breath is how we carry oxygen down into our cells to enable the liberation and containment of chemical energy from our food (all originally made by plants from sunlight), and transform into portable cellular energy to enable every single function in our bodies and minds. Breath is life, for us. 

Breath is also how we balance our blood gases and enable the steady chemical state our physical and mental wellbeing requires. Optimal breath is wellbeing.  

Wealth – if we look at the etymology is a combination of health, wellbeing and the possession of riches. We all want wealth. 

Money – is also fascinating, coming from the Latin word that means ‘coin’ is the way we exchange life-energy for resources. Think about it, some people get paid 10 dollars/euros/pounds/yuan etc per hour. That means that one hour of their life-energy, which they will never get back, is worth 10 coins. 

So imagine someone lives for 75 years. They work from the age of 15 and stop at 66. That’s 60 years. In that time they sleep for eight hours a day and work for eight hours a day for 48 weeks a year. That’s 2688 hours a year. That is then 161,280 hours for their working life. This means their life-energy is worth 1,612,800 units of currency. 

Lawyers once graduated, can earn around £280 sterling per hour, this means their life-energy is worth £45,158,400. 

Tony Robbins charges 1,000,000 per day. That is 125,000 per hour. On the basis of these maths, which are limited in many ways and only a very rough example, his life-energy is worth  336million per year or 20,160,000,000 over the course of a 60 year working life. 

What is your life-energy worth? When you spend it you are never getting it back again. 

Take a breath – this is the real currency of your precious life-energy. 

Abundance – from the Latin abundantia, means plentiful supply. There is a plentiful supply of oxygen, enough for us all to breathe, easily. Since money is no longer tied to the gold standard and is now fabricated by private institutions and supported by national political systems, with a few emails, it is technically abundant. 

However, we live in systems which require a pool of cheap labour who live in fear of debt and destitution, so that they trade their life-energy cheaply and keep the wealth as assets and services that they produce, funnelling upwards to the accounts of those whose income is derived primarily with trading and juggling these assets. 

This means that cultures are created where austerity is the perception. Scarcity is the rule. 

Prosperity – comes from the French prospérité and before this the Latin prosperitatem, meaning good fortune. In the modern vernacular it is the condition to thrive and be economically successful. 

Naval Ravikant talks about makers and takers and that culture always has these elements of humanity. Makers make wealth, they create and build new things, events, experiences from which we ultimately all benefit. Takers work out how to take from those who have made. This comes in the form of taxes, communism and distorted capitalism.

Interestingly what Naval suggested was when the maker-taker ratio is imbalanced to the degree that takers are in the majority, the society is in danger of implosion. He may well be right.

This is also an imbalance of those who are in for themselves (rabid independence) and those who are in it with everyone else – interdependence.

As Mahatma Gandhi reminded us, there is enough for everyone’s need and not enough for everyone’s greed. 

When we have billionaires controlling systems that make sure the assets keep flowing up through funnels into their hands – and this is instituted in what we call ‘economic systems’ and ‘law’, then greed is prioritised over need, and scarcity is the norm for anyone not fortunate enough to be in the ‘elite in crowd’. Whether they get there by birth, which is the most common occurrence, or by dint of the interdependent flow of life, that leads to those whose diligence meets the right circumstances and they end up in this elite. 

Please read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers. It looks at success within the framework of interdependence. Prosperity is a result of interdependence and dependent arising, not simply endeavour. That story is part of the illusion of separation and a denial of interdependence. 

Take a breath, feel your breath, feel your life-energy and value it. It is precious. 

Let every breath count as you live the very best life you can, regardless of your circumstances, birth, status, or place in the hierarchy of contemporary systems. 

Take a breath, find awareness space and choice, breathe and grow choice through awareness.  

Much of modern spiritual teachings talk of manifestation. The principle here is that one can align with the totality and call in wealth, make it happen from the mind, heart and soul. 

So where does the word manifestation come from?

It comes from the Latin manifestare meaning “to discover or disclose”, to bring to light what is hidden. 

So we can use the word and use it to define the principle and practice of bringing things into happening, from dream and vision into behaviour and into lived experience. 

Arguably everything comes from dream, from imagination, from the theta state. We manifest from the individual creative experience and the collective creative experience we call culture. 

This blog is being written from imagination, from research, from the narratives I have been inducted into and those that I have studied and those that resonate with me. This Blog is also written in the context of the political, economic and social realities we currently live in, which to a degree I have described above. 

So is manifestation a real thing? Of course it is. But it can’t end in a dream. It is made real by the right actions, at the right time in the right place. The end result of manifestation is always behaviour. 

Another question to ask is then what are we collectively manifesting? 

This is a huge question and one I’m not going to fully address here, but suffice to say we are going to have to listen to our compatriots, other species on this planet and the planet itself to start dreaming, visioning, and behaving in ways that enable the continuity of humans and other lifeforms on this planet, and for all to prosper. Otherwise our collective greed will lead to the next mass extinction. 

Now take a breath. What do you choose? 

What is your role in the necessary changes in personal evolution and collective evolution? 

I’ve written a book on Manifestation which you can access from my website if you choose. There is also the Book of Purpose, about how to land in what your contribution to the collective and greater good is.  

This brings me neatly to cooperation, community and the commonwealth. The commonwealth is a community of people focused on this common good for all participants.

Conscious breathwork brings us home to the collective, to the fact that we are systemically connected. Plants breathe us. All living things breathe and many have pumps that beat – the heartbeat. 

The requirement of the transformation from individual greed to the commonwealth is the resolution of selfishness and self-obsession. Ujjayi breath and Conscious Connected Breathing are key tools of the resolution of greed, key tools for the resolution of the illusion of being a separate and superior lifeform. 

Communication from this space is from the M’We, the balance of Me and We that honours this common ground, that honours the commonwealth and lands us in the wisdom of interdependence and the nature of how things arise out of the web of interdependence. This wisdom naturally leads to a sense of care, kindness and compassion. 

We are all in it together. This is no longer the survival of the fittest individual, which cannot survive by itself, but the thrival of the fittest, most inclusive and resonant collective of the commonwealth, those who know the power of the greater good. 

What brings us home to this? 

  • Breath – evolutionary conscious breath, with a systemic and systematic base. 
  • Heartbeat – tuning into your body and feeling your own circulatory rhythm and the rhythm of life, finding deep interoception (inward feeling and seeing). 
  • Meditative Depth – diving deep into mind as awareness and finding the powerful space beyond selfing. 
  • Embodied Awareness – bringing all this awareness of breath, rhythm and mind into the flesh and living it into the world. 
  • Find the bliss, not the bliss you have to chase, though that can be a good beginning, but the empty bliss of being, being as awareness. 

Now let us manifest from here, from the ground of being. Let us build a culture from here, from this ground of being. There is a whole culture of compassionate wisdom to create. 

We cannot do this individually – the time of the illusion of the ‘self made man/woman/person’ is over – we have to work as a commonwealth, in the commonwealth. 

This is true wealth. 

Take a breath, feel it and let us manifest together.

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