We have this one life. Why not make it one of purpose, meaning and joy?

And so, consider this….

Why are you alive?
What are you doing here?
What do you want from this life?

Sometimes we know exactly what we want, and exactly who we want to be. Some children grow up knowing that they’ll be a teacher, or a doctor, or an astronaut! Some of us know right from the get-go, whereas others struggle with finding their true purpose and meaning.

Do you have a grand purpose? Such as ‘teaching yoga from door to door and shore to shore’? Or running your own enterprise? Or perhaps you are content with making cakes, caring for children or working as a nurse.

The question is, does it matter?

Probably not, because how can we compare and equate such experiences anyway?

Rather, we can consider the quality of someone’s life. How do they express their happiness? How do they show their satisfaction and sense of joy?

One of the key elements that comes out of studies such as this, is people who have a sense of purpose and meaning in their life report more joy, engagement and satisfaction, and evidence less anxiety and depression.

So it seems that purpose and meaning really do matter.

If you are one of the many who struggles to find a clear path, then how is it possible to build meaning in a world that is so imbalanced and ripping with self-obsessive traits, cronyism, power hunger and greed amongst the echelons of society? How is it possible to get clear on your purpose and meaning if the world is so muddy and turbulent?

These are important questions if we are to live well and live meaningfully in this world.

The way I teach the crafting of purpose is that first and foremost, the purpose of life may well be to simply live a life of purpose. The meaning of life may just be to make our life meaningful. And there is nothing wrong with such simplicity!

But we can also consider that if we are to cultivate purpose in a topsy-turvy world, then we can find certain skills that can help.

It is important to know that it can be tough to stay on track, to stay in flow and to remain on purpose, when there are so many distractions and different sources of information and temptations! All of these mean that sometimes we will become temporarily satisfied and lose focus and direction.

Sabotaging purpose is the tendency here.

So there are keys to finding a purpose that gets us out of bed in the morning, that we sing with, that calls us, drives our heart and we simply want to stay on track no matter what.

This does not imply some kind of rigidity of view – authentic purpose is responsive, listens well to feedback from the cosmos, and navigates the unknown with a grace that resembles an antelope on a mountain side, an eagle in the sky. The Japanese word for this sense of purpose and direction is Ikigai.

The first step is to ask yourself, “What brings me pleasure”? If what you are doing has no element of pleasure you will self-sabotage.

Write down all the things that bring you pleasure in the world. If you have been shamed around pleasure then do your best to breathe into release of this and dive deeper in what truly brings you pleasure. It can be anything, There is no wrong and right here, there is what there is.

In relationship as long as what we share is consensual (look at Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent) and that consent is authentic and not negatively informed by any power dynamic, then whatever pleases us is what pleases us. Simple.

I love the feel of the wind in my hair, cold water on my skin, hot baths, simple food, sleeping under the stars, being in beech woods, gardening and so much more.

The second step is to write down your passions and talents.

What in this world are you passionate about?
What moves your heart?
What brings you joy?
What inspires a sense of justice?
What is that you want to create, craft or change?
What are your natural talents?

Think of those ones you take for granted, what are the many skills you have that you underrate, don’t fully see and are yet to be developed?

The third step is to ask yourself:

What is it that calls me into presence?
What makes me feel fully alive?
What is it that I just flow with, where time dissolves and I’m just in it?

The fourth element is what empowers you, what allows your powers to become superpowers? I think of dyslexia as a superpower, different ways of seeing and being in the world are powers.

Neuro-normal is fine, but there is really no such thing, it is a story that the modern world has created that pathologists the edges of consciousness and the wild experience of being an evolutionary human.

And so what are your powers? How can they become your super-powers?

If you draw a compass with pleasures, passions and talents, what calls you into presence and your powers in each of the cardinal points, then in the centre lies your purpose, your Ikigai.

Purpose does not have to be named, it can simply be a feeling of direction, but it is there, it is here, we feel it, we know it.

Given the world is a consumption oriented, capitalist market place, the next questions to ask is how we choose to relate to this?

Do we enter the market with a product or service we are selling?
Do we create a community focus or cooperative approach?

If we need financial support for our endeavours and are not financially independent, not a trustafarian, and have any responsibilities for children or others, then maybe we cannot enter the freecycle of a cashless culture. Maybe we need to make money to drive our purpose forward.

If so, honour this. Make it right.

So the questions to ask include, what do people pay for?
How do we know this?
How can we present our purpose courageously into the world unafraid of success or failure?

Lastly how do we choose to make purposeful meaning out of our lives to live well? To live joyously?
How do we find our place in the world and build a life of purpose?
There is no right or wrong, there is what there is.

A huge part of the work is trust, trusting the flow of life, trusting yourself as this and letting the flow of life lead you deeper into meaning and crafting purpose in life and a life of purpose.

So what is your Purpose?
Feel it and trust it.
Keep asking robust powerful questions.
Use doubt as a tool to refine your purpose, not disable your purpose.

Recognising that you are going to die, and you don’t know when.
Knowing the key place for generosity in terms of resting in flow and understanding the structure and function of ‘ego’ or selfing, as I prefer to call it.

Recognising the principle of both honouring and living as selfing, and also making it transparent and transcending the self-construct as a tool to apprehend the deep nature of reality.

Let us use all our internal resources to focus on co-creation for the benefit of all beings everywhere. This clear motivation is a powerful element of sustainable life-long purpose.

Possessing the skills of mind-training and meditative depth as well as powerful breathwork, allows us to grow from separation and its exigent demands and fears into the knowledge and experience of inseparability, and the wisdom and love that rises through this.

Here we might realise abundance as the fountain and source of all that is, and in this flow find our place, find purpose as that which calls us from our heart.

Breath is the most obvious manifestation of life-energy. Let the breath lead us deeper into pleasure, passion, presence and power.

Let the life-breath land us in our purpose, with clear motivation and trust the abundance of flow.

So why are you here?

What kind of art are you creating with every breath and thought?
What visions are you co-creating and manifesting?
What sensorial evidence do you have for your visions becoming manifest?
What is your purpose?
What are you crafting your purpose to be?
Is the purpose of life to craft a life of purpose?
Is your life one of ‘no purpose’?
In which case, is your purpose a life of no purpose?
So what is your purpose in this moment?
What is the purpose and drive of your life?
Are you living it?
If not, why not?
What are you stopping yourself with?
Can you have fun, enjoy and be happy, for no reason whatsoever, in each moment?
Lastly. What is the purpose of a flower or a bee?


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