Everyone wants a good life, that’s what it is like to be human. Of course what a good life is varies from human to human, according to their visions and values. 

Considering this, can you answer what a good life looks and feels like to you?
How would you know this good life is happening?
What would you be wearing?
Where would you be?
Who would you be with?
What might be happening?
How would you feel?

Write your answers down, or draw them, paint them – dance them! 

Now for me, the interesting thing here is that for most people this good life is not now. It is some distance in the future. But like the old adage says, tomorrow never comes. 

For certain the future holds change – in fact – it is only change, but these good life visions with some future golden point of it all being well, all struggle and suffering over, have blighted humanities visioning for aeons. Yes, blighted. 

It has distracted us from being fully here, fully now, and making our good life in this moment. 

So let me ask these questions again and see what answers come up for you. 

What does a good life look like and feel like to you?
How do you know this good life is happening?
What are you wearing, right now?
Where are you, right now?
Who are you with, right now?
What is happening, right now?
How do you feel, right now?

The secret to a good life is being right here and right now, continuously. This is none other than being in flow. 

Now the secret to being in flow is first to want to be. Second, to recognise it is at some level, a choice – and third, to utilise the breath to land you here, land you now, continuously. 

If you can create the feelings of your future golden dream – of the good life, right now, whatever is happening, then you have accessed the super power of creating the life you want. You are doing it now. 

If you are doing it now, you simply keep doing it. And it feels amazing and liberating. If you aren’t yet doing it now,or feeling it now – then that’s why you practice. Practice awareness of breathing every day. Practice the 3 x 365 breath technique everyday (I’ve added in an infographic for this below to help you). 

This is the start of being in flow, living as flow and using the medicine of the breath to live the good life. 

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