Deep Winter Chill – Be the Dreamweaver…

Christopher Gladwell

Yogasara, Bristol


23rd December | 10am - 1pm

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Deep Winter Chill...

As we go into the Solstice deep, it is always good to drink deep from source and find true empowerment.

We will engage in strong, wonder-full physical practice as body prayer. Looking into the miracle of existence through the lens of your own body.

This will set you up for the exploration of radiant mind as we allow ourselves to go deep, and I mean deep in a guided Shamanic journey. Journey into the trance state to heal, rejuvenate and dream into existence the life you love.Using the powerful tools of poetry, the drum, the rattle and Christopher’s years of skill in guiding people through trance… we will find what we seek and start to even more fully – Live the Vision. Be the Dreamweaver.

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