Integral Coaching

I will use my skills* to help you uncover greater psychological and emotional wellbeing. I will use my skill-set to help you find or craft your passion, your purpose, your direction, your service and your calling.

I will use my skill-set to facilitate your empowerment and invite you to live in a good and powerful way on this planet that serves your self and all beings.

I will help you set realistic goals and work with visioning and bringing your vision into reality in harmony with what is.

The developmental strategies we co-create in our sessions will honour the paradoxical qualities of achieving your vision, living your dream and surrendering to what is.

We will find ease in this paradox and use this grace to become highly effective in life.

I will help you set financial goals and help build approaches to make these happen as effortlessly as possible.

Our team approach will lead to an effective and accelerated development as you unfold and blossom into your potential.

You are invited to a free phone consultation on 07786 928 458

We then commit to four sessions at a time to enable the process to work effectively.

Four sessions of 60 minutes each will cost you £220. (concessions are possible)

Call me now to get your life on track for the life you love.

 *My skillset includes…

Integral Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Embodiment work, Wellbeing Psychology, Empirical neuroscience, Somatics, Core-Identity Psychology (CIP), Belief Structuring, Shamanic journeying and Heart Whispering.

I am trained to a very high level in many of these skills and continue to develop my skills in continuing professional development (CPD).

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