The Yogas of Dream, Trance, Waking and Awakening. Lucidity looks at the science and method behind meditation, deep relaxation, trance states, lucid dreaming, dreaming, sleep and more.

Lucidity teaches practices to access these states and how to find awakened consciousness in everyday life.

Lucidity looks at how to work effectively with life-energy, sexual energy as a subset of this, mind, love, compassion, and the body as the past tense of the mind. Body is biography.

Lucidity will help you understand how the practices of yoga really work.

Above all else Lucidity invites non-contextual joy and the art of a joyous life as the natural outcome of an authentic and effective yogic practice.

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Christopher Gladwell


Chris is one of the best yoga teachers I have had the pleasure to work, his knowledge is extensive both spiritually and physically. What sets Chris apart from other yoga teachers is that he has a detailed knowledge of what is going on with EVERY part of your body, not just spiritually but also every muscle, joint, tendon, etc and consequently ensure you get the optimal out of his class. It also ensures you do not strain yourself and push yourself harder than what your body wants to do. This is down to him also incorporating biomechanics into his yoga from his background in anatomy and physiology. I highly recommend him to people at all levels of yoga...
David Ellams - yoga4autism
Quite simply put, Christopher is the best Yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.
Kwanele Tuakli
I've been on two of Chris's workshops, both were powerful, very beautiful. He teaches you to learn from yourself; creates an atmosphere that inspires deeper self acceptance and love, safe to challenge and move beyond perceived limitations. You bloom.
Jen McNair Wilson
Your sense of humour, clarity of instruction and the freedom and time you provided for me to feel and act enabled me to use the time in your presence, to work myself through my inner dramas, progress to a happier state and learn some new yoga too...
Katrin Teske-Temperton Coach, Lüneburg, Germany

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