Freedom Flows

Freedom Flows

A book of radical poetry celebrating the journey into freedom and love. Poetry of the Not-Two recognising the path, the process and the goal as inseparable. These powerful poems evoke a juicy awakening to a life lived with passion, purpose and love.

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155 x 230 x 4


ISBN: 978-0-9567922-7-3

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Christopher Gladwell


A beautiful and well laid out guide to taking your yoga off of the mat and into your daily life. Thought provoking and life changing. Never seen a book quite like it. A worthy addition to anyones library, yogi or not.
Iain Campbell
Thank you for a fantastic workshop. I dared to attend your workshop for the first time on a particularly emotionally challenging weekend and working with you exceeded all my expectations. I enjoyed your high level of yoga expertise.
Katrin Teske-Temperton Coach, Lüneburg, Germany
Foundation Course - life changer! This quote sums it up. 'It was but yesterday i thought myself a fragment. Quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life. Now i know that i am the sphere and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me' (K Gibran)
Libby Charlton
Its real yoga, living yoga, yoga that actually means something. Radical, challenging, deeply connecting, Chris will totally deconstruct your practice and what can emerge then is a yoga practice that is individual, intuitive, and empowering.

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